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  1. Did anyone ever use the Task Manager in VW Architect with any success? Can it be tailored to a more simple layer and class scheme?
  2. This topic has come up several times, so I hope the folks at NNA are tracking this request. It really is not nitpicking to request this feature; I use other programs that incorporate wheel zoom and just find them more intuitive and less intrusive into the drawing process. SketchUp is a great example of how to incorporate flexible zoom, pan, and orbit using the wheel mouse. I have stated before and firmly believe that this simple change to the user interface would right now be one of the most effective in terms of attracting users to switch to VW.
  3. This subject has been mentioned before, and I hope the folks at NNA are watching this forum. This would be a great enhancement to Vectorworks.
  4. Thank you Chris for the update on this and NNA - please sooner than later. This might seem like a minor thing but I suspect that for those moving from Autocad or contemplating a move or working in both environments, this would be a major consideration - on a level with viewports. You might question this considering I'm sure the major programming effort that went into viewports, but this is a user interface consideration that is used hundreds of times a day. I think you will be surprised at how this enhancement will impact acceptance of Vectorworks.
  5. Katie; Several people have requested the ability to use the scroll wheel for zoom and pan functions as in Autocad. The VW way is definitely not easier, requiring extra keypresses and two hands just to zoom or pan is counterproductive. Would it be possible for us to be given the option somewhere in a preferences menu to choose one or the other?
  6. I agree that the way Autocad and some other programs use the scroll wheel for zooming and panning is superior and would be #1 on my list of changes or options for Vectorworks. It is hands down the easiest and fastest way to move around while drawing; no extra hand,no extra key press - with your hand already on the mouse it just requires a simple finger movement, very fluid and intuitive.
  7. I wish that the zoom and pan functions could be implemented with a wheel mouse as in Autocad; click wheel and hold to pan, zoom in and out by rolling the wheel. No extra keys to press and can be done in the middle of another command.


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