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  1. Hmmm...Why isn't this roof at the R-Slab layer height of 8'? I created a rectangle on the R-Slab layer in a top/plan view, selected it, then clicked create roof.
  2. I need to cut the end of this rafter so that it has the rounded profile as shown. How is this done?
  3. I need to create numerous trellises at various heights. Would you simply create these on the 1-floor layout design layer at their varying heights, or would you create different design layers for each trellis height?
  4. So if the 1-slab layer is turned on, how come I can't see the slabs in the 1-Floor Layout view? And if the walls now reside on a different layer, you have to draw poly lines to create a slab?
  5. What is the VW workflow for handling existing, demolition, and new construction? Does VW utilize phases? Do you actually model the existing, then demolish the elements being removed, then model the new construction and then somehow it is all retained and displayed by visibility controls in various viewports? Or is this all done with simple 2-D line work?
  6. Thanks Robert. Interesting… so this 2-D view is not necessarily showing me the 2-D representation of three dimensional objects!?
  7. I'm doing my first VW project using the architectural template. Why do floor slabs obscure the doors and their swings in plan? Both were created on 1-Floor Layout. If I delete the floors, then I can see the doors. Thx.


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