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  1. Although this VW university is useful it does not cover creating brand new IFC data from extrudes and line I have created in vectorworks only really using info from the resource library. For example creating an new IFC entity and all the settings you have. I can create a entity but when imported the IFC is open shell I need to have it as a solid.
  2. Hello, Our company has been working with vectorworks as a design tool for many years but have recently begun looking at exporting to CAD CAM software to use the CAD CAM machine. We have been told to provide our vectorworks files exported to IFC, when exporting our vectorworks extrudes become IFC beams and export out with open shell properties which the software needs to be solid. Can anyone help make our IFC Beams export as solid. Does anyone know of IFC training for vectorworks? Alternatively we have been asked for SAT files that are made up of lines not splines. I can not work out how to make sure this is the case can anyone help? Cheers Jonny
  3. Hello All, I'm after some advice regarding exporting from Vectorworks to either BBN or BBX file formats both are XML format files. These files are used for CNC machines such as this Hundegger Speed Cut Machine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PI6J_fw5uGc I have spoken to Hundegger directly they have recommended using a middleware software to produce these files but have given no guidance on which software to use. This would mean exporting into the middleware then exporting again from the middleware into BBN or BBX formats. Please let me know if anyone has experience with either BBN or BBX, middelware or even Hundegger machines Many thanks Jonny
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