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  1. What progress has there been in the years since this thread was last updated? I'm having a similar issue in VW 2019 with a shapefile with Z-values in feet. VW is translating those as decimal inches. I'm sure theres an issue of scale, I'm still a new user, just seeing if theres a quicker fix than me spending an afternoon chasing it down.
  2. I'm using a student version of VW 2019 and playing with the Create Section Viewport command to cut some sections in a site design. The site model is several acres wide and I only need to view a small slice, but no matter how short I draw my section line, VW seems to want to create a section of the entire site along the vector of that one segment. I'm able to work around this using Edit Crop once the section is rendered, but I'm wondering if I'm missing something in the initial set-up to help speed up the drawing time, or is this is how all you folks in the office plan your coffee breaks?
  3. I've also come to mistrust the efficiency of graphic conversion software. Fortunately, copying and pasting in place inside edit mode has proved sufficient for my needs at the moment. Thanks MichaelK for the suggestion. Long days and pleasant nights. PWF
  4. Same category, different issue. I imported a hand-drawn grading plan with the intent to use it as a reference for editing contours, similar to attaching an XREF in Autodesk. But when I enter Edit Proposed Contour mode the raster image disappears. Thought anyone? PWF


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