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  1. Hi Tim, Any luck with addressing this issue with your engineering team? I'm finding the same issue happens whenever I attempt to adjust any type of radial dimensions.
  2. Hi Tim C. I haven't tried the Object Info Palette un-docking, re-docking yet, but I am experiencing a multitude of exceptions when attempting to move, copy, or even edit callouts. I've attached a copy of my "sample process" as requested, as well as a screen shot of the run of exceptions...that go on for miles. Thanks! Sample of Vectorworks 2019.txt
  3. I have a similar issue that has been happening to me, but rather than the issue pertaining to editing a label, it's whenever I try to move or even select a text callout. Sometimes it takes more than 10-15 minutes before the color wheel stops spinning and I'm able to do anything else. We're using VW 2019 SP3, on iMac macOS Mojave V10.14.4, 3.5Ghz Intel Corei5, 24GB system memory, 2GB graphics memory. (I need to add a signature to my profile)
  4. Just received the same message for the first time and I've been using VW2019 64bit for several months now with Mojave 10.14.4 installed. I'm assuming this error message can just be ignored since VW2019 and previous versions were already 64bit architecture. I'll attempt to run the first aid utility to see if that resolves the issue. We're running on iMacs w/Retina 5k, 24GB of system memory and 2GB graphics memory.
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