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  1. Thanks Matt we will follow your steps and fingers crossed!
  2. This morning every single wall join in the model had become unjoined. We are now giving up on project sharing as it is too frustrating to deal with this. We don't think it is to do with slabs as we didn't change any of them yesterday.
  3. Hi Matt We've given up joining them - so no we don't have a copy with joined walls. We wondered if it was because we are using AFP sharing, we tried to change to SMB but it won't let us. In answer to your previous question we have been editing wall positions and slabs in between save and submit.
  4. Hi Christopher I have attached the file - today it was just the compartment walls that came apart since last night - [that is style 1308_IW_Party wall blocks 1-5] which is referenced from our wall types file. Other walls that are not referenced also come apart. These walls were also locked but it doesn't seem to help. Any suggestions welcomed. 1-5 model.vwxp
  5. Hi Christopher Yes there is consistent unjoining but not always all the walls or the same ones. Should I send you the file?
  6. We are using Project Sharing not referencing. The walls have components and there are several styles which all come undone.
  7. We have a shared model and every time it is updated some of the wall joins come undone. Has anyone got a fix for this problem? We have tried updating our Vectorworks to the latest service pack, it is VW2019. Thanks


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