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  1. THANX A LOT GUYS !!!! i can now also use SKETCH !!!! It is great !!! regards Philip
  2. Thanks Guys ! I can now render to Sketch, but still cant combine sketch with a hidden line render as in the demo movie ! I am not an AT specialist, but an Architect and just don't have the time to figure out how to set up all the tools ! Can you help me with this last problem... Please... !
  3. I've installed VW 11.5 on my PowerBook G4 BUT, Sketch is not in my View/Rendering Menu ????? What can the problem be ??? Regards Philip
  4. Hi There Guys ! I've been reading about your problem and have to say I have the same ? I have rendered some scary designs but have just in the last two weeks run in to the hanging problem ? I do not get any error messages ? VectorWorks 10.2 just hangs on me ! I am from South Africa and $600 is like 6,000 rand in local curency (my months salary) ? so I need VectorWorks to create my animation ? Not another program ! Hoping, No PRAYING for a solution !
  5. I need to create a wall of 4 different thicknesses wall height and thickness: 0-1500mm = 250mm thick 1500-1700mm = 200mm thick 1700-2200mm = 250mm thick 2200-2400mm = 300mm thick 2400-2600mm = 350mm thick I have tried drawing 5 walls on top of each other but this causes a problem if I insert an object such as a door or window in the wall !


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