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  1. Oh sooooooo white. It's harsh on my eyes. I'm not a fan.
  2. I've been using Razer products extensively for years. I had their very first mouse. Mouse http://www.razerzone.com/gaming-mice/razer-deathadder-chroma I have an older one that doesn't change color, but it's the same device. I map CTRL and ALT to the side keys. I also highly recommend this http://www.razerzone.com/gaming-keyboards-keypads/razer-tartarus-chroma I map my most common keys to this, and combined with the CTL/ALT on the mouse I rarely have to touch the keyboard. One step further is the keyboard http://www.razerzone.com/gaming-keyboards-keypads/razer-blackwidow-chroma I map even more functions to the macro keys on the left. Why all Razer? It's not that I'm a fanboy, but I like having the unified driver. All the products can be customized from one software suite. That software also syncs the profiles to the cloud. I have older version of the mouse, and keypad I keep with my laptop so the profile syncs to that computer as well. If I make a change (which I rarely do) it keeps them all the same. You can get all of the products as the non Chroma version as either New Old stock, or factory refurbished for way less on Ebay. I bought both my keyboard and keypad that way and they are as good as new (well they were when I bought them.)
  3. Yes it happens all the time. I see it more often when I double click a file more than if I open from the software. I'm so nervous about the software crashing I save every few key strokes. It's ridiculous.
  4. Spotlight users. If you have to deal with Auto CAD files and get stuck with hundreds of classes that you wish you could rename then you need this tool. Class and Layer Mapping The problem is that tool is only available to Landmark, and Architect as well as the full Designer series. My original thread I've started a wish list here Wish List If you think this tool should be apart of Spotlight then you need to make some noise about it. Comment in this thread, or the wish list thread.
  5. I want this http://app-help.nemetschek.net/2015/NNA/eng/index.htm#t=VW2015_Guide%2FSetup%2FMapping_Classes_and_Layers.htm&rhsearch=class%20layer%20mapping&rhhlterm=class%20layer%20mapping&rhsyns= to be included in spotlight. See this https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=213784&Searchpage=1&Main=42894&Words=Mickey&Search=true#Post213784 It doesn't make any sense that it isn't inlcuded.
  6. Very good. Thanks that's really helpful. I milk my desktop computers for close to 5 years. So if I spend the extra money now on a higher spec multi core processor (looking at Intel 6800 or 6850)that will have a longer life when the VW software takes advantage of the extra cores. I plan on getting one video card now with a mother board capable of supporting crossfire, and another card in a year or so when the matching card is half as much. Brilliant. I'll post some pictures when it's done. Thanks again. -mickey
  7. Thanks that was helpful and confirmed what I thought. Now how about objects that are very database heavy? For example I work a lot with Spotlight, and every light fixture is tied to a database. If I make a change, especially if I have to move a fixture it can take 1-2 seconds before the change takes place. Heaven forbid I have to grab an entire lightplot and move them 1'. Go get a cup of coffee. I'm sure that hard drive speed effects this as VW is writing to it's internal database every time a fixture is adjusted. So SSD drives in RAID 0 is in my build spec, but does having more cores and threads help this type of behavior? My suspicion is no. All of the 2D work is only using 1 core so a higher clock speed, and memory speed will effect this more than multi core processing. From this Article KB Article on 2016 specs Faster or slower processor clock speeds have a predictable impact on Vectorworks performance. Yup, faster clock, more speed but no mention of cores or threads.
  8. I was so close to pulling the trigger on a new system build but then Intel released the new Broadwell processors and now I'm rethinking the whole build. But before I get to far into this I want to know how many cores does VW use? My assumption is that in drawing it only uses 1, and leans on the GPU, but in rendering it might take advantage of more. My budget is not going to allow a $1700 6950x, but the 6800 is only a little more than the 6700 and has 6 cores instead of 4. http://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i7-6800K-vs-Intel-Core-i7-6950X/3607vs3604 Jim can you shed some light on this? Thanks -mickey
  9. Jim, Thank you again this has been very eye opening. Although I do not use ESP I do us MA3d on occasion Now all I have to do is spend lots of money.
  10. Jim, I'm going to push this a little further. I started out just buying a PC, but now I'm going to build one from scratch more suited to my needs. AMD R9 390x Vs R9 Fury What I'm reading is that in the gaming world the Fury only becomes better than the 390 when running very high resolutions. So if you're playing Fallout 4 at 4k then it will start to outperform the 390. How does that play out in the VW reality? The old adage was buy the best video card you can afford, but the Fury is $200 more than the 390 and if VW is not taking advantage of the high bandwidth memory then I'd prefer to save the money. Plus adding the second radiator that comes with the Fury (I'm already planning on running a 240mm radiator for the CPU) pushes me into a full size tower instead of a mid tower. Not to mention the planned upgrade next year or so of adding a second card in crossfire needing room for a 3rd radiator. Have you tested VW with the R9 Fury and is there any advantage? Thanks Here's the theoretical build list http://pcpartpicker.com/p/dMdPmG
  11. Here I am shopping for a new desktop rig, and I was reading all about Quadro cards vs Geforce etc ... I'm glad I saw this thread because I was leaning toward the more expensive "Workstation" cards. The info about Renderworks vs OpenGL is eye opening. I would have thought the rendering engine would lean on the GPU. OK back to the shopping board.
  12. Thank You. I came here today to look for an answer to this question. Since my desktop machine had VW2014 I still have quicktime and I remember it being integrated into VW. Now I know it is not. Away it goes.
  13. I finally had a chance to come back to this, and yup I can still crash it every time I go to page 3. Desktop System: W10Pro AMD FXC-6200 Six Core 8gb RAM Asus M5A78L-Mlx Plus motherboard AMD Radeon HD 6800 1GB Monitor resolution 1080x5760 Driver 15.201.1151.1008 My laptop has no crashing problem Laptop System: W10Pro Intel Core i7 4710HQ 2.5ghz 16gb RAM MSI G60 Pro motherboard Nvidia GTX970M 3GB Monitor Resolotion 1920x1080 Driver 364.51 I know my desktop is an older rig, but it's still not a dinosaur yet.
  14. Why do ballrooms have to have such large ugly chandeliers to start with? They just get in the way of every show that comes through.
  15. AS long as I've been using VW this has been an issue. I don't know anyway around it. I have found that if you select the offending objects and "use class line weight" it fixes it. When I import a file I'll select all and set this. Sometimes you have to dig into a symbol or 3 but eventually it goes away.
  16. I can crash VW2016 every time with this file. I just saw this today and was really excited to see the generators and powers distro. There's some nice looking stuff. Page 1 Ground distro. I'm a big fan of Power Pagoda's Page 2 Generators including Studio Generators Page 3 Crash Oops Reopen program, and select layer 3 again. Crash Reopen program and using the navigation pallet select layer 3 Crash. OK I give up. Can someone else try this and see if it's just me?
  17. This is probably more a Windows question than VW question but lets see if anyone can help me. I ignored this for awhile, but now it's getting to me. 2 tools that I use a lot. Rotate Move page They trigger the annoying Windows 10 "chime" Same sound you hear when there's an error in Windows. This happens when I use the key command for me those are ALT + = for Rotate ALT + Z for move page. Well after typing this out I see that it's the "ALT + anything" command that's doling this. Somewhere deep in Windows 10 I have to be able to turn this off. I'll take any suggestions. (no I'm not buying a Mac)
  18. Hi Michael. It's been awhile. Did you know what you ask for is already in place? Just not for users of Spotlight. Please see this post of mine from late last year. https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=213784#Post213784
  19. YES!!! Notice it was only the new VW symbols? Is this a new option in VW2016? I don't remember this from before. Me neither. Can we please change it to default to "active class" and if people want it they can change it to a specific class? How many people out there find this useful? There's also something broken here since I changed the class in the drawing, but the drop in class was taking precedent. Something funky monkey going on there (even funkier than #puppymonkeybabby) But least I can move forward even though I now have multiple extra steps to do every drawing.
  20. It's not counting correctly, but the little example I posted is a small sample size. Here's a file that has all other layers deleted. There is just the lighting layer with my fixtures. What I did was delete the native classes from the Navigation Palette, and assigned all objects to "none" All fixtures should have a none class and be given the active class at insertion or assigned a class later You can see in the report some instruments are counted correctly. Those are instruments I brought in from an old drawing or created new for this file. Instruments that I import from the native VW libraries are not counted. Each area has a class. In this report it has 2 criteria. Layer is Lighting Class is Fixtures Main Stage You can see that the vipers and Mythos are missing. -crap 2mb limit. How am I supposed to give you a larger data set with such a small file size. Try this https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=E58D48A86CECA285!13143&authkey=!AOywTUJgNzsIG3k&ithint=file%2cvwx
  21. Rob did you break VW2016? See my post here https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=222866#Post222866 I use lots of classes. I like to use them to count things. This worked great through 2015. I do big drawings that cover a lot of area. So I'll have a class for "main stage" "entry" "DJ" "dinner" "party" "party floor" and on and on depending on the scale of the event. I'll then create reports to count the lights in the separate areas. After that I can copy and paste those counts into other spread sheets to send out to vendors to bid on projects. Now in VW2016 all of the symbols have native classes, and when I try to delete all of the native classes and assign all objects to "none" they still can't be counted in a report. There's something deeper inside the lighting instrument that still has the native class. I've tried so many different ways to get this to work. I've even tried using the native spotlight reports but nothing will count by class, or even summary by position. I have hundreds of fixtures to count and I'm having to do it manually and guess what? I left a whole fixture type off of my last RFQ, Not cool.
  22. Yup reports are definitely broken. How sad. I'm glad I gave Nemetchek almost $4k last month. Attached is a file with some variations of the same symbol. I did not edit the symbol. That's not what broke the counting. By simply giving the symbol a different class than it's native class it no longer is counted in the report. Another example is a duplicate version of the same symbol. I edited the symbol and gave the root objects a class of none. When you look at the records. The sheet that has no criteria counts everything. The sheet that has a criteria only counts symbols not lighting instruments, and the last sheet is counting only objects with the native class. This last sheet tells the real story. Even though I have removed all class information from the symbol it is still being counted in the 3rd sheet with the native class. That means there's some piece of information deep in the fixture that I can not edit that contains that class information. In my earlier drawing I deleted all of the native classes and opted to assign all objects to none. Therefore they now will not show up in any reports unless I give the report no criteria. This is a major failure on Team VW. I think this problem lies more in the people that work on the spotlight portion that the worksheet portion. I will submit this bug and pray they fix it fast, but that means VW2017 most likely.
  23. Well you don't get the option when right clicking to edit if what's in the browser isn't the current file.
  24. OMG Nemetchek you're killing me. I run a lot of reports. They're really simple. I like to count things. I use a lot of classes and then use reports to count them. My current document I have a stage lighting design. All lights are "lighting instruments" I have created a report, checked the boxes for counting plug in objects, and set the criteria, as Layer Lighting. All my lights show up. Add a criteria for a specific class, like "Stage Fixtures" and half the lights with the given class are gone. Specifically the lights that disappear I have imported from the native VW Libray. But those fixtures come with the baggage of native embedded classes. (what ass hat thought that was a good idea) I have deleted all the stupid native classes and replaced with none (as they should be) It's these symbols that are not being counted in the report even though when in the working layer I select all the units and make sure they are the correct class and they are. I've dug into editing the symbols to make sure they are in fact none (please see my post about crashing when right clicking on symbols to edit) and all the items in the 2D, and 3D objects are the none class. So what gives? Anyone having the same issue?
  25. There are so many things in 2016 that are pissing me off, but I'll save that write up for another time. Here's something I can get to happen frequently but not every time. I'd like some other people to try and see they can recreate it. Resource Browser Pallete Right click to edit a lighting fixture select 3D - crash But it doesn't happen every time, but often enough that it isn't just bad luck
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