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  1. I never had a problem with it. But I only would use 1 or 2 people for fear of over complicating a file. I do have this model I play with every now and again, of a figure on a motorcycle I pulled from the entourage library. If I ever get that guy to look right riding a sportbike I'm going to put him in every drawing I do. It'll be like "Where's Waldo" with the guy on the motorcycle.
  2. I hate to beat the dead horse but here I am trying to do a rendering with a person in 2017, and if I couldn't find the figure tool. I did find it once I started digging in the workspace so I looked at the message board to see if something was afoot. I found this quote below And this quote as well. So what gives? Still no new figure tool, and now hiding the old one. tsk tsk VW. Feels like repeal and replace to me.
  3. Does anyone here use Lightwright? If you're like me and rely on it as part of your work flow then I hope you don't have to use the new Project Sharing tools. Unfortunately all of my clients are now using it because we all share documents via one of the big cloud storage services. Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, etc ... Nemetschek why do you constantly do this to us? You make something new, and break something old at the same time. Lightwright is such an important part of how I manage data in my lighting plot. For those that don't know project sharing uses an XML file as a database to document changes. So does Lightwright. If you turn on data sharing in VW, and LW then the XML file gets corrupted, and the master project file will get corrupted too. I know because I just gained popularity by corrupting a project file a bunch of people were sharing. Yeah Me. Has anyone found a work around? I'm going to try to create a 2nd file and reference in the lighting fixtures from my working file. I don't know if this is going to work, but I have to try something.
  4. Here's it's current state. The forum keeps rotating the photo landscape, and won't let me post in vertical. It's amazingly quiet even with both side cases off. I'm worried now about some of the comments in this thread re: multiple monitors. I have had AMD cards forever, but opted for the Nvidia 1080 for this build, and now I'm worried about my 3 monitors. Hopefully there's no issues, but I won't know until I get everything loaded up next week.
  5. Here's the build I'm currently buying parts for. When this is totally done, and tested I'll do a little write up here. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Q44Wyf This website has been to much fun. This machine is a bit overkill, but hey if you're going to kill, you might as well overkill right? So if you don't plan on overclocking the CPU you don't need the liquid cooling. Also if you don't want race car speed in the name of stability you can choose 1 SSD drive instead of the 2 I have spec'd in a RAID 0 configuration. You can get a really good VW machine for under $2k
  6. I'm having the same problem. I've created a custom title block that is an edited version of an the existing USITT vertical. If I start a blank file, and import a sheet border using a default USITT title block I can then use my edited version. Something is broken in that symbol. I've tried everything to get it to work. OK fine. I recreated it. It wasn't that much work. If I start a new blank file, and import the symbol, then use the border tool to drop the title block onto a sheet it works just fine. However when I try to use this new and improved title block on a previous drawing that I had tried using the old title block it won't work. I have tried deleting all of the borders, title blocks, and record formats associated and then purging, and cleaning house. Still when I try to use the new and improved title block it won't take the information. It's sooooo.... frustrating. What Gives?
  7. I love the drag and drop, but why did we take away "Move" There are times when text based is better than GUI. Can't win around here.
  8. I finally installed 2017 on my laptop because I have some clients that have fully committed to 2017, and the main reason is the project sharing over a cloud drive. This is only the 2nd file I've worked on. I had already clicked on "Save and Committ" so hopefully everything actually saved. When I clicked on Close and release VW crashed. When I reopened the file I got this error message. So WTF? Did my changes actually get saved to the master project file? Has anyone else had this issue or am I special?
  9. I know right? Please Please Please With sugar on top I wonder if this is an entertainment thing? Does entertainment use more symbols than everyone else? I so wish I could drag and drop.
  10. Welcome to the ty class structure of Vectorworks. This was something they started with 2016, and it sucks out loud. Read through this thread. I don't know which designers they talked to, but none of the ones I work with like this way of classing. It's down right dumb. I hate the radius thing in the symbols, I HATE that each time I bring a symbol in it drags along it's baggage of classes. The way I deal with it, which is an absolute waste of my time that VW doesn't seem to care about wasting, is by deleting all of the garbage classes and assigning the objects to "none" But wait there's more. Now all of the lighting symbols have their class as "None" but their insertion class is assigned to none so if you have an active class set for example "Front Light" when you drop the symbol in place it does not take on the active class but instead is assigned to none. The way to fix this is by right clicking (option click?) on the symbol and Edit Symbol Options / Other Options / Assign to Class - select Active Class. You have to do this for every symbol. The other way is after deleting all of your crappy classes and assigning to None is to got to File/Document settings/Spotlight Preferences/Lighting Device and uncheck "Use Active Class for Lighting Device Insertion" So amazingly frustrating.
  11. Why WHY WWHHHHYYY is the U Address not in the OIP. This should be so easy, and we're so close to it being easy, but instead I'm beating my head against my desk AGAIN trying to get the addressing to work. If we just had access to it in the OIP all would be well. Actually I don't now if that would make it any better. Unless it's different in 2017, but in Spotlight you can't auto number by U Address, but you can by Address. So I have to do my addressing in LW. (shakes fist in the air)
  12. Aww man. Look at all those things over there. And here I've been trying to find a way to switch between black and white background as a macro. I'll see if this fixes the problem.
  13. That example doesn't look anything like my VW. Is that 2017?
  14. OK Vectorworkians I have a real head scratcher and maybe I'm missing something really simple. I have 2 files that a couple of people have been tag teaming in and out of. There's a stage file, and another file that is referencing the stage file. The stage file appears in the main drawing on a layer as a Design Layer viewport. Until today all was fine. Here's the issue. In the stage file everything looks as it should. There's an Aura hybrid symbol, and there's these Tube fixtures I created for Martin Sceptrons which are 3D only. All of them are Lighting Fixtures You can see in the image on the right it's looks normal, and this is from the native stage drawing The Image on the left on the other hand is from the file that has the design layer viewport and you can see that the light objects are showing, but only for the fixtures that I created, and they are a 3D only symbol. So I ask WTF?!?!?!? I can't figure out to turn on the light objects in the stage drawing, and I surely can not figure out how to turn them off in the drawing with the reference. Anyone got a clue how I can make those go away?
  15. Any chance you're using project sharing? If so LW data exchange will not work.
  16. I ran into this problem the first time I used LW6 earlier this year. Try adding in exporting to an MA2 console and it'll really smoke your brain. UAddress did not show up in 2016 either. It's clearly a field in the lighting device parameters but does not show up in OIP. Why?
  17. It's an interesting change in dynamic as observed by me. In the early days of VW in the entertainment crowd it seemed everyone was Mac because Mini-CAD as VW was in it's early days was a Mac only software. In my shop we had all iMacs, you know the jellybean colored ones, but we had 1 Windows based machine so we could run ACAD which is what lighting people drew with back then. Now I see a 50/50 split and maybe a 60/40 split. (W/M) I see 3 reasons in no particular order Cost - You can get a powerful Windows laptop, or desktop for less money than a Mac Software - In the lighting world there's lots of other programs that we use that only work on PC, and yes many people dual boot their machines so they can jump back and forth, but that gets fishy when you introduce a 2nd computer. VW>BrandMA3D>GrandMA OnPC. The networking to get these all to work means Mac's are not allowed. Horsepower - which is kind of a dumb term considering we're talking about computers here, but the amount of computing power you can push in a custom build is really impressive. When I'm done with my build I'll have dual liquid cooled video cards, and a liquid cooled main chip.
  18. Being just generally suspicious about Microsoft sucking I uninstalled my video card driver, but funny enough after deleting the driver suite which was Catalyst 15.7 and rebooting nothing in my video displays changed. Usually when deleting the primary driver the video resolution drops, and all 3 monitors have the same image, but not this time. It was like all my video settings stayed the same. That's suspicious. Like Jim said had windows hijacked my video card, and was using it's own drivers instead? I installed the newest software suite I could which is Crimson 16.2 Also the Razer Synapse would not longer sync with the mothership so I uninstalled / Re-installed . Performance is noticeably improved. I knew something was fishy with this update. My laptop is doing fine, but it's much newer. I think my issues are related to my legacy hardware (I really need to build a new desktop rig)
  19. I didn't ask Windows to install their update, but I guess I didn't tell it not to. I went to wake my computer up from it's nights slumber, and it had rebooted, and I was welcomed to a fresh new hell. I'm trying to un-suckify what it has done, by turning off as many of the spyware crap it installed, but my biggest issue right now is that VW2016 is so sadly slow. My desktop rig is not super sprightly, and I need to build a new one, but the VW software was working just fine. Not as fast as my laptop but satisfactory for getting work done. But now, oh....... I move one object, and I have to wait for it to appear where I dragged it, and then wait some more before I can touch another object. It's brutal. Anyone else having issues with the new Windows?
  20. Well look at that. I never realized you had to save a specific set with a new name. I did, and now when I open a new document this saved set is the default. oh will the wonders never end
  21. Every time I start a new drawing one of the first things I do is open File/Document settings/Spotlight settings I then go into the button "Lighting Device Parameters" and uncheck most of the options because I don't need to see all the shutter angles, and lamps, etc. It makes my OIP much cleaner. Many times have I checked the box "Save as default" but nothing actually happens. I still have to go into the parameters and uncheck everything for each file. So what gives? Why does it not save as default as it advertises. Has anyone else had this work for them?
  22. Originally the idea was to do the left and right monitors vertical because I have to work off of PDF's often, but that didn't really work for continuity, besides playing games at 5760x1080 was too tempting.
  23. Mickey

    Label legend

    When say this do you mean you don't see the legend on your screen for editing, or do you mean after exiting the edit you don't see the instrument change until you hit refresh? It's really common to not see instruments change when global edits are made until you hit refresh instruments.
  24. I thought I should post this now since I just cleaned the stack of paperwork, and other debris off the desk. The laptop gets used either as a render engine if the main desktop burps, or to do other work while the desktop renders something.
  25. That's what I needed to know. Thank You for confirming. I'll be calling the VW sales team shortly to discuss my new discounted Service Select pricing.
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