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  1. Is it possible to lock out a document? Here's the scenario. I want to e-mail a drawing to several different vendors, but i would prefer not give everybody my hard earned symbol library. is there a way to make a document print only?
  2. I posted earlier that my VW was crashing in W2000. It also crashes in W98SE. It is a very specific place If I try to change the text location in a text box ie. align center. I get an abnormal program termination, and down she goes. I have 't had it crash anywhere else. it is also really frustrating because I hate it when text is aligned left has anybody else seen this happen?
  3. Is there any known reason for Vectors works to crash in W2000. The program just terminated wtih no message errors or anything. W2000 has been rock solid for me. This is the first software crash since updating my system. Any ideas?
  4. That did it! That did it! Of course I couldn't find the object browser that was reffered to, but one problem at a time1 Thanks
  5. OK I've tried that. my drawing is in: My documnets/CAD files/Vector When in the resource pallette I have the vector folder selected it shows the availble drawings. When I click on the document I want nothing happens, If click on a differnt document it opens and show the available symbols in that document. So when I'm have the drawing open the symbols for that drawing are not available ????????????
  6. Ok, i'm trying to learn how to use VW. I gotten to the point of creating symbols, very cool. However now that I have generated a few I can't import them back into the document they where creted in. I go to the resource pallete and it won't let me acces the drawing I have them in if I have that drawing open. I can use the symbols in other drawing though What's the point of creating the symbol if I can' use it in the drawing it was created in. I have to be doing something wrong here!
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