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  1. Picking this back up.

    I started the process. Wow talk about painful and time consuming. Good thing I don't bill by the hour.

    But before I get too deep.

    Oh wait I can't upload a jpeg still so no visual aids

    Please fix this. Am I the only person that can't upload files to the message board?

    Here's a link to the jpeg https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjZcVRFAOa0nhOcTjqHuqslM4zVyNA?e=hzNM9g (expires June 1st)


    So in the jpeg you can't see. There's a "Type" "Name" and "connectable with" fields.

    I changed the name, but not type yet.

    If I changed type to for example "TC1212" to "TC1212B", and change the connectable with "TC1212B" and I right to assume that it now won't connect with "TC1212"

    Can the Connect with field have multiple vallues?

    It seems like it should since the black truss can bolt to the silver truss.

    Not to mention that the Tomcat has the same bolt pattern as Thomas, XSF etc ...


    So now I'm back to the "I want to swap between a black truss and silver truss"

    I just re read this thread from the start.

    So if I understand this correctly if I want to be able to swap between these trusses I need to create a file that has them.

    Let's call it Tomcat 12"

    Download the symbols from the library

    insert each individual symbol on the design layer

    right click on each symbol and "Customize Data"

    Then save that file into the application folder

    And somehow the file I'm currently working in will know to look at the the newly named file I've saved in the application folder?


    First before I spend any more time on this did I correctly list the line of actions?




    I just want to swap a truss. We can do it with light fixtures. There's a nifty little button "Replace Lighting Device"

    Give me that please.


    Braceworks is a disaster. I'd like to see it spun off as a separate module that people can upgrade to, and give the rest of us simple truss tools so we can design systems.

    Let the riggers have the advanced weight calcs.





  2. On 2/21/2022 at 3:30 AM, jcogdell said:


    I think I know why this is happening, but I'm not 100% certain
    It sounds like you are using custom truss symbols, for the black truss section (and possibly for the regular silver versions as well).
    As far as I can tell the truss inventory uses the 'Type' from the truss object properties (not from the older truss record) combined with the symbol name to define whether a section should be included in the Change Truss Configuration dialogue, this means that if there are multiple truss symbols with different symbol names (and colors) but the using the same type and length, they will each be displayed as individual options in the dialogue.
    After a bit of testing I found that if I changed the symbol name, and the 'Type' and 'Name' fields in the truss object properties to include the color I could get them to display as separate truss types in the inventory and avoid having them display wrongly in the Change Truss Configuration dialogue. I also had to update the 'Connectable with' field in the truss object properties to include the new black version of the symbol so that Autoconnect keeps working.

    I will add an enhancement request to find a better solution for this and to have the documentation in our help updated to better explain how this works


    To try and reduce the issues I imported the whole file of Tomcat 12" straight.

    I renamed all the symbols to something less annoying.

    I then duplicated all of those symbols and added "black" to the end of the name.

    I edited the symbols giving them all a dark fill so they sort of render correctly.

    I use worksheets to count my symbols, and this allows me to count silver from black.

    Could you post a picture of where you changed the type name so I know how to do this?


  3. On 12/17/2021 at 11:24 AM, Todd Stokes said:

    That works! I feel the phrasing is misleading as "add to current selection" implies something different to me - but i'll take it. Thanks!


    Why did this need to change?

    Is this another example of NNA making "updates" to justify the expense of a subscription?

    At least someone had the same problem and I was able to find a quick fix.



    Not only is this process stupid I can't even upload a photo of what I'm trying to describe.

    Until it gets fixed here's a link to a photo



    So I went into the inventory and entered 50 of each piece so now there's a fictional amount.

    I want to swap between a black tomcat, and a silver.

    But when I do I see 3 different entries for 10'

    No names, just 10'

    How do I know which one is the black, and silver?

    Further In the inventory I see all the names of the stock Tomcat with ALL of their increments.

    How many of you are using the Tomcat 11'6" pieces?

    I want to get rid of all of that, everything, and just have what I'm using for this show as inventory.

    I've tried exporting, editing in excel, and reimporting.

    That didn't work.


    What a waste of my time.







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  5. On 2/16/2022 at 6:05 AM, C. Andrew Dunning said:




    A huge part of the problem, here, is that making truss swaps and rearranging configurations are frequently part of the every-day "low-level" design process.  Things like this should be incredibly simple and intuitive - so much so that, in a sense, users don't even think about it as they're doing it.  As things stand, the current approach gets in the way of the process...


    Thank You Andrew for making my point

    Although I have often thought of myself as "Low-Life" I've never been "Low-Level"


    But I do play around with truss shapes a lot, and what used to be a simple process is now so bloated and frustrating I find myself not using the Insert Truss tool, and just using symbols.


    Right now I've got a bunch of truss towers that are more complex than straight sticks.

    I need to switch them out for black truss instead of silver.

    Oh how sad am I that I can't just click the OIP and replace symbol.

    No instead I have to go through this inventory stupidity.

    Why do I care about an inventory?

    I'm not in a venue, or a rental shop?

    I just want to be able to run a report and count all my pieces.

    But Braceworks has made that almost impossible.


    I'm going to try what Jesse has proposed, but I will likely give up once I'm frothing at the mouth in anger.






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  6. This is one of my "I hate Braceworks" moments.

    I'm trying to learn to live it, but it keeps making my life worse not better.

    So maybe someone can help a couple of items I keep running into.


    Scenario #1

    I have drawn some trusses using Tomcat. In this case a bunch of plated 12". The vendor chosen owns XSF so I want to change the symbols in the configuration to XSF so I can see where beams and things line up. If I were using the weight calculation tools this would matter as well, but currently not.

    When I open the Replace Truss Configuration tool I'm presented with a lot of options and it shows me all kinds of lengths, but no mention of symbol.

    See attached.  - Or actually not because I keep getting a server error with upload failed.


    Scenario #2

    Very similar to above but not symbol specific. I have drawn some truss with 12" and want to replace it with 20". Again I can see options in the change configuration.

    In the case of the photo you can't see there are 2 2'. Is one of those 20" and one 12" ? Where did this 2'6" truss come from?

    In the old days I could simply "replace symbol" but there's no option for that.


    I respect what Braceworks is trying to do, but it is not making my life better instead it makes it much worse.


    Thanks for any help.





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  7. This stupid dialog has come back to bite me again.

    Using 12" truss instead of 20" this time, and getting the same ridiculous truss cross pop up.

    I hate braceworks so much it makes me sick to my stomach.

    It's infuriating how much harder it has made using the truss tools.




  8. I have a file, and it seems to be specific to this file, that occasionally when I save I get some kind of failed error message.

    See attached.

    If I Save As, and select the file I'm working on it saves over it no problem.

    There's plenty of room on the drive.

    I save a new version almost every day.

    This is saving to my local hard drive in my One Drive folder specific to this project.

    Again it's only this file. I have other files for this project in the same folder, or sub folders that do not have this issue.

    This 21 I have not switched to 22 yet.



    vw read only.jpg

    vw free space.jpg

  9. First does lightwright data exchange work with student versions?

    Second does lightwright data exchange work with a watermarked version?


    I'm trying to help someone with a show, and the file was created in a student version which creates a watermarked file.

    It has a light plot already drawn.

    I tried connecting the file to lightwright, but it doesn't import anything into said lightwright.

    Before I start chasing my tail I want to know if it is supposed to work.


  10. Please see below images for how this new "feature" ruins my workflow.

    Image 1

    Edited the object you can see the different fields as "#Linked Text"

    The white letter format is larger than the symbol.

    In this case the text field will be filled in as a 3 digit number which is this booths number.

    Image 2 are 2 different symbols selected, and even thought there is no value assigned hence no visible number the selection box is larger than the symbol because the invisible "linked text" field is larger than the symbol.

    Image 3 both symbols aligned left, and it aligns the invisible linked text field, and not the actual edge of the symbol.


    This is not a feature, this is someone creating value by changing things that weren't broken, and breaking them.

    The law of unintended consequences?


    Please fix this. It's really making my work unhappy.


    I'm going to submit this as a bug.


    linked text edit.jpg

    objects selected.jpg

    objects alligned left.jpg

    linked text.vwx

  11. Nemetchek why do you continuously make my life more difficult?

    Please see attached screen grabs one from VW 2020 and the others from 2021.

    I have a lot of simple symbols with custom text fields, and record formats.

    In this case these are symbols for a trade show style booth layout.

    So booth number, and 2 different booth names with text formatting.

    In 2020 the linked text would be just a slim invisible object that you have to draw a marquee around to order to find.

    In the Text 2020 jpeg here's a symbol being edited in 2D, and you can see the 3 linked text objects

    Yeah sometimes it can be tricky to find, but at least it's contained within the boundary of the symbol.

    In the link text 21 jpeg you can see the words"#Linked Text" but with my formatting those words are bigger than the symbol.

    Look at the symbol 21 jpeg and you can see the boundary of the symbol is now larger than the symbol itself, and this really messes with my ability to line objects up.

    Center is not center anymore.

    Is this a feature or a bug?





    link text symbol 21.jpg

    link text 21.jpg

    link text 2020.jpg

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  12. @JustinVH You bring up an interesting point.

    In a 5 way corner what is "top"

    This might explain some of the cussing I was doing at VW while trying to build a simple 4 post truss box around a stage.

    Using the insert truss tool I had placed a 10' stick as a leg vertically, and when trying to insert the corner block it kept putting it on the bottom of the leg and not the top.

    I had to manually move it, then it all of the various pieces I attached using the insert truss tool where sideways not top and bottom.

    A simple 30'x30' box with 4 legs should have taken 30 seconds to a minute to build using the insert truss tool, and instead it took me a half hour part of which was fighting the anomaly we see here.

    It seems the VW truss tools have gotten more complicated than useful.

    How would I set a 5 way corner so the open end is on top, or on the side if the corner was part of a larger system?



  13. What is this crap and how do I get rid of it?

    See attached pic and file

    I tried using an existing symbol in my library and a newly imported symbol from Tomcat.

    I placed the corner block using the insert truss tool from a front view to stack it on top of a 10 vertical piece these data tags became visible.

    When selected they show up in OIP as a Truss Cross.

    There's no class associated with them.

    So I deleted them, only to have them come back when I nudged the whole truss piece

    WTF is this crap?

    A new "tool" that I didn't ask for?

    Why Why Why Vectorworks do you make my life so miserable?

    Anyone know how to get rid of them?







    truss cross.jpg

    truss cross.vwx

  14. On 4/29/2021 at 10:12 AM, Matt Hall said:

    What is the best way to use project sharing over the internet?

    One of the groups I work with has had a lot of success using Dropbox.

    Some "gotcha's" you have to look for (at least in a pre pandemic word)


    Always check out your layers before getting on the plane and turn off your wifi on the plane while working with your file.

       - Even if the plane has wifi it may not be fast enough to sync to the xml file, and you could end up with a broken working file  that has been disconnected from the project file.

        - If that happens you have to create a new project file, and users have to create new working files which could strand some changes


    If you work on both a desktop and a laptop create separate working files for each machine. The issue of a working file becoming disconnected from a project file can happen.


    Make sure everyone on the project is using the desktop app, and working out of the file in the Dropbox folder.

        - Yes there are people that still don't know how to use Dropbox


    Otherwise we've had a lot of success using project files assuming the users know how to use project files.

    That said we created a document outlining best practices, and guidelines to help new to project files not screw up the classes and layers.




  15. I figured it out.

    I had a long call with Tech Support and we deleted Vectorworks 21 preferences folder.

    In Windows 10 that's in User/AppData/Roaming/Nemetcheck/Vectorworks/2021

    Deleted the whole folder which makes you re-activate VW.

    We noticed the palettes were correct.

    I ran the migration manager again, and that's what broke it.

    After many many attempts I narrowed it down to 1 single checkbox that breaks the palettes apart.


    You can see in the images below what happens when that single box is checked.

    I ran it again, with everything checked EXCEPT that 1 box, and it works.

    I'll submit a bug report

    So glad to be doing product development for something I pay for.


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  16. I uninstalled and re-installed after doing a registry clean.

    Nothing changed.

    As an extra ha ha bonus when I edit a workspace and come out of it any window and pallet placement I've done is lost.


    I'm so glad I pay for a subscription of Designer.

    I can see my money is going towards useful, and meaningful upgrades to the platform

    Oh and Support has not responded to my request.

    I'll be calling tomorrow


  17. 2 hours ago, LarryO said:

    I had these blank palettes too. Mine were hiding off at the very right side edge of my monitor. That was VW2021 before any service packs came out. So it was one of the issues that prompted us to delay installation until SP3. I've have seen the again but they are not as predictable.

    My small beef now is that when the tabs are merged as per previous years the tab at the far right in the palette becomes the active tab when ever the palette is reopened. The palette doesn't save the active tab when closing.

    OK great. I'm not the only one.

    That's a small win.

    Yes same issue with them all being on the far right of my my right side monitor.

    I updated the graphics driver just in case, but that didn't fix it.

    This was a pre SP3 installation but I didn't use 21 until very recently.

    I had no need to draw anything as I'm in the entertainment industry, but now I've got a gig, and we're working in 21 so I updated to SP3.1 and this.

    Laptop looks fine even with 2 monitors, but it was a clean 3.1 installation.

    I guess I'll try uninstalling, and installing a fresh 3.1

    How Lame



  18. Attached are 2 screen shots.

    VW2020 and how window palettes used to, and should behave, and VW2021 SP3.1 and how they look now.

    I've restarted the computer to see if that would help, and still wrong.

    This did not happen on my laptop. Only the desktop version, and only after installing 3.1





    vw20 pallets.jpg

    vw21 palettes.jpg

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