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  1. Hi everyone, I got a request from a client that my office furniture should be in LOW POLY before i export to FBX. Can anyone help me about to make my Object or furniture to LOW POLY please. Thanks for your help
  2. @Taproot hello, do your files still got same issue? Your rendering is cool would like to have this type of rendering in openGL. My openGL sheet layer file is quite heavy and take loads of time to update when i do annotation in the sheet layer sometime even if have noe done annotations also
  3. vassen

    3D ISSUE

    @Pat Stanford Thank pat. the script did work out. Today when i was working again on the same file it happen to make the same same error again 😞 I try to reuse the script but it's not removing the error this time. Any idea why? Thanks for your help.
  4. @Tom W. thanks will check if i could do with it
  5. @Gualterino Thanks for the capture. it's not what i am looking for 😞 I would like to know if we point our cursor on the 3D modelling of the site it gave us the coordinate we did use for in plotting the stake. Attached is what am looking for and this was created manually, its the same data use to create the site modelling
  6. vassen

    3D ISSUE

    @Pat Stanford It's working thanks
  7. vassen

    3D ISSUE

    @Pat Stanford Thanks. Will check how to use the scripts as have never done this before.
  8. vassen

    3D ISSUE

    Hello everyone, Have you guys ever came across this issue while using VW. This is happening to only i need to do a presention to a client. Thanks for your help
  9. Hello everyone, I am doing a site modeling with coordinates which i have received and use the stake Tools to plot all of them. I did create model with "Site model with data source" everythings works perfectly My question is how to show the coordinates which was plot with stake tools when we are doing a section 3D on the model which have been generated? Is it being done automatically or do we have to do this manually? I have attached a VW files with the stakes coordinates and with the site model created from it. Thanks for your help and guide Site Modeling stakes.vwx
  10. Dear All Am currently working on a project which consist of 2 basement parking (See attached file) I would like to know how you guys proceed to draw your driveway or parking ramp to the basement? Do you use ramp tool or draw it from scratch? The ramp have to be with 5% slope(first 5m), then 18%slope and 5% slope(last 3 to 5m). Thanks for your help Parking Driveway.vwx
  11. Hello guys, Can anyone help me out, am in a mess. I have been working for the whole week on a project. Now the file is not opening. Find attached the error message. Thanks for your help
  12. @Markvl @zoomer Thanks for your advice will look into it an revert back if everything working.
  13. Hello everyone, if you guys could help out. i am trying to figure out why my window is not align with gray component in my wall style. May be i have not check some parameters in the VW file. Thanks Wall and windows 20102020.vwx
  14. vassen


    Hello everyone... hope you are doing well... Have anyone done a window like in the attached document If yes can you share how we do it please? HELP.pdf
  15. @Pat Stanford @fabrica Thanks for your help. Everything working well. @Pat Stanford I will move everything to 0.0 once i finished the wall, thanks again.
  16. @michaelk Hello, i am having the same issue in vectorworks 2020. May be am doing something wrong with my wall style? Attached is my file. Thanks for your kind help ARTWORK_29052020.vwx
  17. @Wes Gardner Thanks i did not think of ungrouping it. will give it a try.
  18. Hello everyone, Do you guys uses Vectorworks Dormers? If you want to personalise the vectorworks dormers can we do it? or else how do you guys create your dormers from scratch? Might be in future release we might be able to select the place we want to place the dormers with our cursor. Thanks for some ideas and help
  19. @Pat Stanford Thanks Pat i will this a try.
  20. @Pat Stanford Hi Pat thanks you very much for your help. I did select everything on my page and delete everything unuse around. But i am still having the same issue with the Extract Tools and also sometime not able to use the push/pull tools. For the Geo referencing i am not very use to it for the time being but i will surely come to use it often in the near future. Thanks again.
  21. @Andy Broomell Thank for your advice. The reason why i use the Extract tools for my texture is that i use several type texture on one facades. I don't know if this file might have been corrupted of something like that, as am unable to use the PUSH/PULL tools sometime, even try to combine roof its not working hear, pffff 😞
  22. @Pat Stanford Hi Pat thanks. I use it to add texture to my walls. Here is an example. Some wall it let me select it straight away, when i click on the GREEN TICK or type ENTER nothing happen. Normally i should get a Planar Object, it's the first time i am having this issue. Each time i am having a dialogue box Select Face, on other project i do not have this dialogue box when i use the Extract Tool. Thanks for your help. PLAN.vwx
  23. Hello everyone, has anyone had issues with the Extract tools? Its not detecting any form i do. Do we have any parameters to change to use this tool? Thanks for your help.
  24. @Pat Stanford Thanks you very much. I think the viewports annotations is much better.
  25. @Pat Stanford Thanks for your help. Answer in black bold and have also two files Please check Document Preferences:Display:Adjust Flipped Text. This should be checked. It is checked You can click the Flip Text check box in the OIP for any particular piece of text that is showing backwards. It is checked for Dimension but we do not have this check box for text May be i am doing something wrong? Test.pdf Dimension and text.vwx
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