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  1. Josh S.

    Custom Light issues

    Hello, I'm having issues trying to create a custom lighting device in VW 2019, something I just did in 2018, but am no longer getting the results as expected. It's been several months since I last created a fixture so I'm assuming I've forgotten a step but I've gone back and rewatched the videos that I originally learned from so I'm not sure where I'm going wrong. Basically, I'm creating the fixture in a separate drawing from my project, and when I've completed the process and I try to add it to either drawing it is still just a 2D/3D symbol instead of a Lighting Device even though it has a light info record attached. Does this sound like an easy fix with a step I'm overlooking? If not I can list out the steps in my process. Thanks in advance for any input! Josh
  2. Hi Michael, I wasn't aware of that option, but it looks like the dimension class was already set to visible there. I did double-check to make sure that the dimensions are in the correct class/layer.
  3. I'm hoping this will be an easy one as I'm a little new to VW and am probably missing a step. I'm trying to add dimensions to a section but I'm losing them somewhere along the way between the design and sheet layer. On the design layer I go to a right view, set my active plane to 'screen plane', and snap the dimensions to show the heights I want. However when I create a viewport around the portion I want to show and go to my sheet layer, the dimensions do not show up. What am I missing? Josh


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