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    Grass Texture Behaviour

    To remove the horizontal shoots from a solid do the following:- - in the objects render tab - under part - 'Overall' apply a texture that has just a colour only under part - 'Top' apply the grass texture. You should then get the grass growing upwards only.
  2. Thanks. That should be OK for us to do for now.
  3. My work's title blocks have all the information running along the bottom of the sheet. The Revision list allows for 8 or 9 revisions before running out of space. Is there any way to make the revisions continue on a second column? Or do I need to rethink the title block? It's not often revisions go beyond 8 revisions but it does happen. I am fairly new to my current job and and new to Vectorworks, so I have inherited the titleblocks that other people have set up. Any solutions would be appreciated, Sean


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