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  1. Thanks, Delmer! This seems to work fine. I have made a hatch with 15 levels, lineweight 0.5 mm. With some adjustments I think I will make the tiny spaces between the lines disappear. I may need more levels or smaller offset, though.
  2. Thanks for your response. I have tried to use rasters, but the editing window for the rasters are too small (only 8x8 pixels), so the dashes shown on screen, print or in .pdf format are too short/small. If Delmer, I am not sure I understand what you mean by filling the wall with an ?image?, but if you mean for example a raster, I believe you have the limitations I have described above. Brendan, your suggestion is a good method visually, but it is of course more laborious to edit. I figure that the wall tool would be a more elegant and labour-saving method. If only the hatches could stay inside the wall edges! Maybe this is the way the program works, as indicated by Delmer. Yesterday I installed a plug-in called ?Broken line?. With this tool you can fill in text or symbols in the space between the line. I found out that if you use a filled rectangle, it is possible to edit the line (space width, number of breaks, line color/thickness (?none?), to get the line you want, more or less. It seems that you are limited to a line though, you cannot apply the plug-in on a polyline or a wall tool. If you extend the line, the number of breaks stay the same, and you have to adjust the number of breaks accordingly. Any clever Vector-script editors out there?
  3. How can I draw a fat dashed line 5 mm wide, where the dashes are rectangles (or squares) and not rounded rectangles? If I use the line or polyline tool, the dashes have circular ends. I have tried to use the wall tool with a hatch made of 5 mm lines and 5 mm open space between, but the hatch does not stay within the wall borders, but goes outside, and have circular ends. A bit amazing really, or have I missed something? I use VW 9.5.2 (Norwegian edition).
  4. That is correct, I do not see the dotted outline of the stair, I do not see the dialog box when double clicking the icon, as I do with the spiral stair tool and the ramp tool. All classes are visible.
  5. Nothing happens, except that I can "press" the icon in.
  6. I have now reinstalled both graphic card drivers and mouse drivers. The mice work fine, but the stair tool is still not working. I have asked the VW dealer Dakantus AS in Norway. They have had no other reports about this problem. They suggest installing a new graphic card, but this should not be necessary with a Nvidia Riva TNT card. Suggestions?
  7. I have now reinstalled the driver for the TrackMan Marble FX. I did some things different this time, I do not know exactly what, but the acceleration now works fine! But still the stair tool does not work. I will try to reinstall the driver for the cordless mouse, too. If the stair tool is working on this machine after reinstalling the mouse driver, this might indicate problems with the graphic card on the machine with the TrackMan Marble FX/Matrox card. This graphic card is after all, somewhat outdated. Thanks for all help so far!
  8. This is what I did: Downloads>Trackballs>Other>Other_Trackballs_not_listed.'>www.Logitech.com>Downloads>Trackballs>Other>Other_Trackballs_not_listed. I then chose Windows XP. The suggested driver to download was "English-mw975enu.exe" or the Norwegian version "Norwegian-mw975enu.exe". The trackball has a PS/2 connection. Logitech writes that "A Logitech mouse connected to the serial port will function with native drivers, but it will not be displayed in the Mouse Ware control center and you will not be able to program the buttons. I have managed to program the buttons, however, and I have a PS/2 connection, not a serial. But for some reason this programming is disabled in Vwctor Works. I have programmed one button for "Enter" and one for "double click", but both are disabled in VW. Is there something about clean booting and problems in the registry? I will try to check this out. (ref. http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm?page=support/products/document&CRID=322&contentid=6596&countryid=19&languageid=1).
  9. I can understand your confusion, because I think TrackMan Marble FX is not still in production. You can see a picture of it at http://www.comelsoft.com/images/mices/lgtrackmanmarblefx.htm Anyway, this one is a PS/2 version, driver version 9.75. The other cordless mouse is a Cordless MouseMan Wheel, driver version 9.75. I have not found this one on Logitechs web page either, but you can see a picture of it at http://www.amazon.de/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00004VVKV/0286590116384-21/028-2846921-1821355 I believe the drivers are the correct ones. I might add that I have a norwegian version of VW 9.5.2, and not 9.5.3, which you said is XP-compatible. The norwegian 9.5.3 version is not available. But again, I had the same problem with (only) one of the machines in Windows 98.
  10. No, the Trackman Marble FX I have is not cordless, but the mouse on machine #2 has a cordless mouse with an ordinary scroll wheel.
  11. It is slow also when relaunched. When VW is minimized, the mouse is slow also on the desktop. It seems to affect other programs when minimized, but it is ok when I close VW. The mouse is slow in the sense that all acceleration seems turned off. I have a Logitech Marble FX ball mouse, and have to do a lot of turning to move from one end of the drawing to another. The mouse is not slow as it would be if the machine was hanging, or was running low on memory. And again, the stair tool does not work at all, but the spiral and ramp tools work just fine(!)
  12. There are only two machines in the network running VW. I have installed the updated drivers you mentioned, and the slow down happens both in empty documents and in existing files. I have had occasions where the mouse has behaved normally, though, but the next time the program was opened, it was back to "normal".
  13. Mouse drivers are updated. The video cards are: Matrox Productiva G100 AGP (I have planned to install a better one), on the other machine: Nvidia Riva TNT2 Model 64. Both drivers updated.
  14. We have problems with the mouse slowing down in VW (ver. 9.5.2, Windows XP). When running VW 9.5.2 in Windows 98 the stair-function did not work on one of our two machines. After upgrading to Windows XP both machines have got the same problem with the stair-function, and the mouse moves so slowly it makes it almost impossible to draw at all. The drivers for the screen cards have been updated, I have tried to disable hardware acceleration, both without success. The mouse works fine in all other programs. The computers have 640/384 MB RAM and 735/450 MHz prosessors. Compatibility problems between Vector Works and Windows XP?
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