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  1. It would be nice if the break line too had a fill that neatly obscured the drawn details.
  2. fergus

    Grid Lines

    Hi Wes, Thanks for letting me know. it would be incredibly useful! F
  3. fergus

    Grid Lines

    I find using the VW grid line bubble tool very cumbersome and objects often struggle to snap to the lines as well as if the gridlines were drawn just as lines. It is also very cumbersome to adjust, are their advantages to using it? Is there are quick way of transferring gridlines on plan to elevations or section viewports without drawing planes to transfer them to the viewport and then adding them within the annotation layer?
  4. fergus

    Multi Floor Buildings

    The create layer link tool actually worked well for creating floors. I have to got o fundamentals workspace and then it seemed to work.
  5. fergus

    Multi Floor Buildings

    I am currently using vectorworks to design a tower in 3D. I would like design one or two typical floor-plates that are repeated up the building. Does VW recommend a way of doing this that allows the floors to be constructed from multiple layers that are still editable?


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