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  1. Thank you MikeB and Peter! Activating my Guides layer then selecting View>Top Plan cured the problem. I still don't know how I caused the condition, since I don't use a keyboard with a keypad; also the manual section on views doesn't explain the "iso cube" icon that appears next to each layer in the Layers list (at least, I couldn't find it). andy
  2. Katie, No, I didn't have the 3d selection tool, or anything 3d going at the time. I had taken some pains to make sure that this entire drawing was strictly in 2d, given my experience earlier (I have to ship a drawing, not learn 3d right now!) About the only thing that I can think of that might have caused this condition was that prior I had grouped then duplicated/moved/rotated some guides, then ungrouped them. Before the ungroup command was executed, I was presented with a mysterious dialog, something like, "release objects with class information? yes always, never, just this time" (or something like that). I don't remember my response, mainly because I didn't understand the context of the dialog question. About then is when the "iso-cube" trouble seemed to start. Thankfully the other contributors nailed the cure. andy
  3. Area: Layers, Layers menu Icon adjacent to a layer name seems to be able to be either a square "box" with two square brackets ( bottom and right), OR an isometric "cube". I can find no explanation in the manual or Help about this. It seems that when a layer becomes identified with the "iso-cube", its members behave wierdly, certainly not as they did before they mysteriously changed. I am at a loss for why that layer changed from the well-behaved box to the cube. In this case, the drawing is entirely 2-d, and I have a layer (and class) for "guides", that I use this to establish basic geometry before creating the actual part object views over it, such that I have good intersections to snap to. This has happened on two projects now, the first time I just created a new fresh layer and recreated my guides. The second time is too much. How can overcome/undo this? What is the cause in the first place?
  4. I can't seem to edit callouts in a drawing that I have created. For some reason they adopted the line and fill attributes of a class that I created (in this case dark green line with light green bubble fill). I have manipulated selected callouts to move their layer or class, and use the attribute window. The edits work in the windows, but have no apparent effect on the callout on the drawing. When I double-click the callout, VW alerts me that it is not an editable object. On a fresh drawing, I do not have this problem. Have I caused some setting to be locked somewhere? Help! I am using VW 10.1 on MacOS X 10.2, quite brand new. andy


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