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  1. I'm having problems activating layers within sheets and having them retain their scales. For instance.....on a site sheet, I would like to place a building which is on an original layer at 1/8 and reduce it to 16. So I created a new layer and copied the building into it at the new scale of 16. The problem is that once I switch between sheets, (with the same building on different layers for scale purposes), the sheets don't remember which layer is activated on them or which classes have been activated within the layer. Go figure! Any brilliant ideas out there. I've already checked the archives on this subject. Thanks, Susie
  2. Hey Zero...I have been through the Object Info Palette, several times over....where do I find the "cased opening" label? Thanks much for your info. Susie VW10
  3. I've searched high and low....how do you put an opening in a wall??? Thanks for the help. Susie
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