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  1. How is NNA making out on the development of a Translator that is Mac OS X compatible to allow upgrading from old MiniCad v6 files to VW12?
  2. I have a G5 DP 2 gig w/ 1.5 gig RAM, Mac OS X 10.2.8, VW Architect w/ Renderworks 10.5 = 30% faster Final Quality Rendering. I also have an Xserve and 20 or so G4s sitting doing nothing all night that would love to do some batch rendering.
  3. Thank you Katie - although I did try that first and it didn't work, today it works well!!??
  4. I cannot log in using Safari and Mac OS X 10.2.4... sob...
  5. I am having trouble printing from Mac OS X 10.2.4 and VW Architect 10.1 - some text on the page prints at an angle!! Here is what I have done: - I tried a different font (Helvetica to Arial); - I tried a different machine with VW Arch 10.1 to eliminate the corrupted font issue; - I tried rotating all the text from the Object Info palette and then back to zero; - When printing to .pdf, usually the printer driver does not matter but I did try the HP Laserjet 8000 and the Xerox Phaser 790 drivers; - I tried booting in Mac OS 9.2.2 and printing from VW Arch 10.1... Nothing worked. Then: - I printed PS only and lost all the lines, but the text was fine!!!??? Does anyone have any other ideas??


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