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  1. is there a way to attached reference files into a document? often import logo's etc, as soon as i work from home teh reference's are broken! also, they don't upload to the Vectorworks cloud. does it matter? is it only important is the files change, or will i lose the image, is i break the reference?
  2. it had to do with my light objecting having "Show Caustic Only" tick box selected! it's all go now I have changed it!! you live and learn! ūü§£
  3. So i have a drawing, that renders the lighting correctly in Fast Render, but when i switch it to final quality, it loses the uplighters on the set! Very confusing, as i i am doing is switching between the 2 options and all other settings stay the same!!
  4. is it possible to select which sheets get printed on the Vectorworks Cloud Service? most of my documents have 10+ sheets, but often i only want to use it to render some visuals, not all the the whole document. Particularly if i only want a specific render.
  5. That looks nice @Sebastiaan! I think i i'll use it and maybe port a few of my controls onto yours and have a play. things that would be useful are some preset move-by-points (0,1,10 etc), also i made a macro (esc,esc,esc,x,x,x) to get me out of any selection i had and added a resource toggle, but mine was a bit rubbish and done on the fly, i think i'll start using yours ūüėÄ
  6. I agree, if you're doing a render for a client, these things need to be simple and quick. it probably took me as long to shutter 2 lights, as it did build the set (it was only a simple set though! lol) Also, maybe this is a comment for a new thread, but I also noticed, that once i apply a shutter, i cannot effect its focus on the render. Say i want to shutter off a light hitting a lectern to stop it spilling onto the screen, I would want to soft focus it, even though it is shuttered, or even spotting a logo on a set, I may want a shuttered soft focus halo, rather than a hard edge. I am most likely missing a trick which creates this effect, as I am new to this!
  7. Thanks, I'll give it a try. As i'm rendering at the PC's resolution, is there a benefit to lowering the PC's screen res, just while adjusting the shutters?
  8. So how do it edit my shutters quickly without a way to reference what it's doing? is there faster render than "Fast Renderworks" that will work?
  9. for some reason, i cannot see the results of shuttering my lights in OpenGL, it's is visible in fast render, but as soon as I switch to OpenGL, it just displays open shutter. I do have a few LED battens with lots of emitters, but even with those off, it don't show the shutter.
  10. It would be nice to have a shortcut with a specific move by point config, even if it simple like having a 1 or a 0 in the quality field. Does anyone know if this is possible? Clearly, I can have a shortcut to the tool itself, but having it with a 0,1,10 preselected would be useful!! this would also be useful for other tools as well.
  11. I use a Streamdeck (https://www.elgato.com/en/gaming/stream-deck) for various functionality in software packages (AutoCAD, Outlook, Chrome, gaming etc) and I was wondering if anyone had set-up a profile for Vectorworks? I've kicked one off, but creating fancy GUI's isn't my strongest point, here's a Link if anyone's interested (it is still very much work in progress!). I'm not precious, if anyone has done a better version, I'd be certainly interested. What I've done works for my needs as of now, and I've just bought a 3DConnexion Spacemouse, the plan is to have this and the Stream deck to emulate a poor mans SpaceMouse Enterprise (as I already own the Streamdeck and use for other applications!).
  12. Thanks Kevin that is a great shout and I will certainly be using that method, as it looks fin for my needs! I only wend down this route because of a Vectorwork YouTube video! They clearly sent me on a fools errand
  13. Hi Jim, thanks for looking at this for me! I have attached a drawing, let me know what you think? It all seems as it should be simple, but i'm sure i must be missing something! Table.vwx
  14. I am trying to do something very straight forward, but it seems to be failing! I have created a table cloth draped over a table, all i am trying to do is remove the excess square that appears when creating the drape. I follow the Vectorworks video on YouTube, which is brief, says, create drape, draw a rectangle over the excess, extrude to "X" amount, subtract surfaces, Done! However when i do it it says "You have tried to create a solid object which cannot be computed. Edit the geometry to resolve this condition and try again" frustratingly, if i lower the U and V direction i can make it work, but then the resolution of the object is lost and it looks rubbish! leaving it at 50/50 is a nice compromise, but the object will not clip! has anyone got any ideas? To detail the object it's a 6' diameter cylinder at 800mm high


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