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  1. I created a drawing last year that's all complete and was using it as shared project!


    This year, I wanted to use the original project file, as a starting point to a new drawing, however it is still linked to the old one! Obviously i want to keep the old file, but create a new file and remove it from last years' project drawing!


    How can i split it off, so it;s working as a standalone file? 

  2. So what's more important Graphics or memory?.. or even processor!


    say i have;


    Laptop 1;

    i9, RTX2060, 32Gb Ram


    Laptop 2

    i7, RTX2080, 16GB Ram


    which would be the better one?


    clearly it's also a business machine, so I'd probably have VW and about 20 chrome tabs, Excel, outlook all running at the same time!

  3. my application for this use of text, is to create a system schematic, each text box represents a specific piece of equipment that i generated from a spreadsheet, so it is feasible a callout style box could work, although it may be a little clumsy. however the same text-box/callout would need to locate multiple time across the drawing, meaning i'd still have to be able to search for where it is located.


    That said, if i could highlight where all the boxes were and edit them all at the same time, that would be useful.


    obviously this is no good for my current drawings, but I will look into seeing is they're useful for future use!


    regarding Calllouts... I cannot work out how to put the key legend down when using it on a second sheet. on the first sheet, the callout numbers are created and the keynote drops in automatically, when i annotate the second sheet, it numbers the callouts, but the keynote legend never appears! weird!

  4. Thanks for getting back to me, at least i'm not hunting forever! but it does seem very limiting, if it only finds one of the instances.


    If this doesn't work, then as far as i can see, there is't way to search and find all text boxes with a specific piece of text in, which is pretty much a feature in every program ever written 😂


    Although maybe there is a way...

    1 - put the text in a record..

    2 - create a report...

    3 - export the report...

    4 - open it in Excel...

    5 - find the text you want...

    6 - cross-reference the row number back to the Vectorworks worksheet

    7 - then select it from the worksheet


    A simple 7 stages! 😂🤣

  5. Unless i'm doing something wrong, the Find text tool doesn't work.


    If i have say 15 instances of a specific text box and i do a "find and replace", it'll replace correctly, however if i only "find" it will only highlight 1 item, although say there are more (often this is wrong!). am i missing something, or is the tool broken?

  6. I'd to be able to place some preformatted text into a text box with a record attached, and then have a record field update automatically. is that possible?


    the text would be formatted so that each field has a character to determine when it's text should start.


    i'm sure it is possible, i just don't know where to start!

  7. I'm sure there's a decent tutorial of how to do this, but I haven't found one!


    All i want to be able to to do is add some of our equipment to the generic databases of speakers, projectors and cameras. I have all the models and specs ect, i just want to be able to add them, so when i drop in a new projector onto a drawing, my projector type is on there, with its weight and lens options already included.


    I can find the drawings in the libraries, but when i add a new object in them, they never seem to update!


    It'll be fairly simple, i just need pointing in the right direction!

  8. I'm using Vectorworks to draw a Schematic and wondered if there is a way to draw a Polyline between 2 boxes and have it connected at both ends, so if i move the boxes around the line stays connected both ends.



  9. Hi


    does anyone know how to grab the texture of a group an display it in a worksheet? I can get the texture of objects with using "Function" and "Object Texture", but even though the group is covered by a texture I can't work out how to display it in a worksheet!


    I have thought of using a Marionette, to put the texture name in a record and then reference that, but you can't seem to get a texture name from a Marionette either!

  10. 9 hours ago, Marissa Farrell said:
    • You could use the Objects by Criteria node to create a set of criteria to define the objects to run the network
    • You could create a menu command that would run on selected objects (you would still use the Objects by Criteria node in this situation, but you could not run the network directly from the drawing area if it's set to run on selected objects)

    This worked perfectly, thanks for this, I can see a huge amount of use for this node in my ideas!


    9 hours ago, Marissa Farrell said:

    You can perform math on these values prior to writing them to the record, we currently don't have a node that will do this automatically for you


    The math is simple enough, just a little arduous! 


    9 hours ago, Marissa Farrell said:

    I've attached a file that shows how to use the Concatenate node for this purpose

    I couldn't see an attached file 😱 if you could re-attach it that would be great! either way i'll try and work it out, now I have a pointer in the right direction!

  11. I'm only hours into Marionette, so I am very new, however I I am stuck on a few very simple things (or they should be!)


    I want to create a record for new and existing objects with it's height and width in a text or number field, I've got to a point where i'm stuck, currently where i am at, i can attach a record with its size (width or height) included, but I've come to a stand still on how to move forward, so here are my questions;


    - I can specify an object by its name, but would like to just select 400 or so objects and apply the Marionette script to the lot how can i do this?

    - typically in the UK, we work in mm, but all our set build panels are in feet and inches! so I need to convert the format of the "Get Length" and "Get Width" to feet and inches

    - Ideally, I would like the panel size to be as text in one text field, I just cannot work out how to join multiple strings together, so it makes a single string i.e.  "Get Length"&"x"&"Get Width"


    I have curves and angled panels i'd like to identify, but for now I just want to work out how to automate the standard rectangles!


    thanks in advance!! 😁



  12. I'm trying to do something very simple, one of 2 things either;


    items with reports (say model number or size), count how many are in a specific class




    rectangles, count the ones with the same height and width on the same class


    it sounds very easy and if it was excel i could do it on a flash, but the summary only summarises and the sum, adds together all the numbers, which is no good if there are no number in the field (as it's a text item). Also, if i try and be clever by using say the volume, it adds all the vols together, not count ones with the same vol!


    All I want to do, is design a stage set and create a report of the different panels I'm using for the workshop to pull together. I can either add a report to each component and give it a type (in text), or i can break it down to panels with the same height and width. I don'y care really, although grabbing the data directly from the object seems the quickest way and most secure, as there's a chance a record could be incorrectly filled in.


    As you can tell, this is frustrating me a little! 😫

  13. I was advised to pop this topic into the Python scripting area, as it's more of a script than a tool!


    I need a way of finding out what the highest number is of a specific record and then putting it on the drawing (ideally auto updating!)


    This is for a few things, chair/table number (don' really like the auto creation tool!) and cable numbers on schematics, these are just a couple of current requirement, but i just think it would be really useful!


    I have little experience with scripting (and non in Vectorwork), so any advice or instruction would be greatly! 😀 

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