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  1. I am trying to integrate Vectorworks into our existing production pipeline. We have a number of generic workflow tools for managing files, etc, that I want to re-use. These tools are written using one of the Python Qt bindings (we use the Qt.py shim to deal with the fact that there are four competing flavors of PyQt/PySide in the wild). As far as I can tell, Vectorworks ships with the Qt5 libraries.

    I did some tests over the weekend at home on a Windows machine and successfully got Python script to run that showed a QMesssageBox dialog. Unfortunately, when I got to work Monday and tried to pull of the same feat on a Mac machine, and it crashed Vectorworks immediately.

    Has anyone successfully gotten PyQt5 (or any other flavor, I'm not picky) running in Vectorworks? 

    Thank you


    I've been chipping away at this problem all day and now I've gotten it to where I can pop a QMessageBox dialog ... but it makes the Vectorworks main menu disappear and I have to restart to get it back. As far as I can tell it's because PyQt5 doesn't think that there is a QApplication instance already running - starting my own is what makes the menu disappear. 


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