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  1. I would use an IF function in the rough opening columns of the door schedule database headers to calculate those values. If it's a pocket door the function will return the calculated dimension, and if it's any other door it will return the rough opening dimension. More information about worksheet functions in help guide: https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2021/eng/index.htm#t=VW2021_Guide%2FWorksheets%2FWorksheet_functions.htm&rhsyns= Worksheets on the Vectorworks University: https://university.vectorworks.net/mod/page/view.php?id=631 Here are a couple screenshots with samples of pocket door worksheet formulas:
  2. Hi Tom, You're correct. Materials are not yet assignable to the Door & Window tools.
  3. It appears that the marker is working as designed. There is a lot of great functionality with the new Smart Markers. I find that in most situations having text scale along with the marker is an improvement. A big advantage with Smart Markers is that they can be saved as plugin styles and applied across a project file. In this situation, I would recommend duplicating the marker style and customizing the size based on the scaling requirements and standards you've set for your drawings. I've tested interior, section, and elevations and haven't been able to find the issue with rotated markers not having the ability to scale. Hopefully this screenshot helps. Please let me know if you're finding the issue in a different workflow.
  4. @pwolfe Can you clarify your question with a sample screenshot? I'm not having scaling issues with reference markers in viewports at different scale, but I'm not sure if I'm using the same settings.
  5. Hello and welcome to Vectorworks! We're glad to have you onboard! I train architects on the software most days of the week and recommend against changing the shortcuts. The program is complex and will take some learning and getting used to, but I think you'll find that it's a very powerful toolset. That means there are a lot of shortcuts and remapping one shortcut will have an impact on another. It can be a rabbit hole that is impossible to sort out if you are unfamiliar with all of the tools. I'd recommend watching the Architect Essential Seminar on our Vectorworks University to start. Some things to get used to when coming over: Clicking Behavior and snapping is important to master and you can find this topic thoroughly covered in the Core Concepts class on the University; Use tab instead of enter/return when scrolling through dialog boxes or when drafting to be exact. There's also a shortcut document available through the help menu. I recommend bookmarking the document or printing it out to have as reference. Some special shortcuts to learn: 'J' to select coincident objects, 'B' to look behind objects (x-ray mode), and the modifier keys are also going to be helpful (option, control, command, shift). We do offer custom online training if you need specialized help on a workflow or sorting out a file. Best wishes with the new software! We're here to help.
  6. Hi Will, You can add nuts and washers to a 2D or 3D Carriage Bolt using the 2D and 3D tool modes of the Fastener Tool.
  7. Hi Jon, We offer 1-10 hour custom online training sessions and can schedule them anytime between 9:00 AM and 5:30 PM EST Monday through Friday, based on trainer availability. Check out our training opportunities by following the link below. https://www.vectorworks.net/training/online
  8. You can flip the slide from left to right by changing the 'Left Leaf Number' to 0 and the 'Right Leaf Number' to 1 under the General Door Settings.
  9. Learn more about Georeferencing with this new webinar on Vectorworks University: https://university.vectorworks.net/mod/scorm/player.php?a=98&currentorg=articulate_rise&scoid=196
  10. @Hans-Olav Here's a quick screen recording of a Data Visualization that shows objects within a model that do not have IFC Records attached. I hope this helps. Special thanks to @jblock, @ASagatovVW, and @BSeigel from our Customer Success Team for brainstorming the idea and helping me find a simple answer. Data Viz Objects without IFC Records.mp4
  11. @rDesign IFC isn't required for Live Data Visualization. The tool has the ability to query all of the data in your file, from plug-in object parameters, to record formats, to IFC Data. @techdef The functions work very much the same way as creating worksheet criteria. It's a matter of attaching the data to the object either through a record format, filling out a data field for a plug-in object, or adding the information to the IFC Data set. This video covers some workflows that hopefully answers both of your question. We have a new training website for learning Vectorworks and I'll be posting more content there in the near future: https://university.vectorworks.net Door Data Management & Visualization.mp4
  12. Here's a quick screen recording that shows where you can find data in the walls and doors data tab. The video also shows a quick workflow of how you might manage and display that information using the new data manager and live visualization. Vectorworks 2020 comes with a preformatted BIM Data Sheet that should help you manage commonly used IFC Data. IFC Data Management.mp4
  13. If you'd like more choices, I'd recommend searching BIMobject. The models available on their website include IFC data sets and standard classifications for better model management and communication. There's also a plug-in browser available in the Furn/Fix toolset for BIMobject. One thing to note if you're using the current plug-in browser is that not all types of models on their website will download directly to Vectorworks and must be downloaded and then imported.
  14. Hi Charlotte, There are Receptacle and Switch Tools in the MEP Tool Set that have a number of configuration options and will also display in 3D. Best, -Scott
  15. I recommend setting the Design Layer scale to the same scale that you plan for most of your Sheet Layer Viewports. This will reduce the amount of effort needed to adjust line weight and text scaling between Design and Sheet Layers.
  16. Try selecting your walls and checking the "Use World Z For Origin" box in the Rendering tab of the Object Info Palette.
  17. Hi Chris, Text spacing with the General Notes and Keynotes plug-in tools are controlled through the Object Info Palette rather than with the text tool. Best, -Scott
  18. You can use the Hide Edges Mode of the Reshape Tool on the hardscape to hide the edges where you don't want to have borders. Select the hardscape Activate the Reshape Tool with the Hide Edges Mode Click on mid-point of the edge where you want to eliminate the border
  19. You can use a single exterior wall instead of splitting it up into parts and using the L Wall Join Mode. Experimenting with the reshape tool on a single wall will allow you to create a jog in the wall for the double height. Then try using the component join tool to connect the exterior wall finishes. You may need to put the walls together and take them apart a couple of times to accomplish the correct graphic in Top/Plan view.
  20. Have a look at your Design Layer Option drop-down menu in the Navigation Palette. It might be set to Active Only, Gray Others, or Gray/Snap Others.
  21. Locking an item will not give you the option to turn off highlighting for that object. Although, there are a couple of ways to keep objects from being highlighted in Vectorworks. You can turn off highlighting for all objects in the Vectorworks Preferences Dialog Box under Tools>Options>Vectorworks Preferences... Select the Interactive tab and deselect the Selection highlighting option. The other and perhaps more useful way to keep from highlighting objects is to place them on a separate Design Layer and change the Layer Options to Show Others or Gray Others.
  22. This often depends on the scope of work, project budget, and level of detail needed for submittals, consultant coordination, and construction documents. I normally create an as-built model from surveys and/or measurements. I'll save that model for reference and create a copy of it to build a demo model with a set of demo classes that can be turned on and off. Finally, I'll create a new construction model and reference the demo model into the new construction file.
  23. Glad to hear you've got it working and are able to move forward. Thanks for the update!
  24. Hello, Can you submit this question as a tech support issue? It sounds like it could be a file update or migration problem and we may need to examine the file. https://www.vectorworks.net/support/help Thank you, -Scott
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