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  1. We are a small architecture firm specializing in bar, restaurant, office, retail, mid-rise, and some residential design. We work very closely with a small group of engineers and contractors to create spaces that enhance our client's work and products. We have a lot of "bread and butter" work that is fast paced and very oriented towards permit acquisition only. We also have a handful of projects that are slower paced, showcase, high design projects. It's a great mix, but one that can be stressful for a small company. I'm seeking a part time, paid intern to assist with drafting on the faster paced projects and drafting and renderings on the larger projects. Internship tasks would be almost 100% drafting and rendering at this time. The time commitment would be sporadic. Some weeks I could use as much as 20 hours of assistance other weeks possibly none. There's a steady flow of work coming in now, with a slight backlog I need to clear. Ideal candidate has 1-3 years of experience, has a flexible schedule, and is eager to learn. Experience (even a small amount) with Vectorworks is preferred, but we can work cross platform. Experience with 3D renderings (Lumion preferred) and be able to produce schematic graphics up to photorealistic work. Working remotely is also encouraged. We are in between offices at this time, with our new offices under construction. Seeking someone based in Austin only as some office time (in the near future) and site visits are required.
  2. I am trying to set up Project Sharing on one of our files. The file is stored and synced using Google Drive. On initial set of project sharing I get the following error message on the final step: "The disk drive or file is marked read-only. Please unmark it and try again." If I move the file to my desktop, outside the google drive folder, it does not give me that error message and a Project File is created successfully. The permissions on my google drive folder and the files inside are identical to the files on my desktop, Read & Write for me, Read Only for Staff and Everyone. We have successfully used Project Sharing with Google Drive in the past.
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