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  1. would anyone be able to provide any insights into this issue with mirrored symbols not behaving themselves when exported to IFC? thanks Jack
  2. ...we're aware that there may have been known issue with IFC export and mirrored stairs: https://www.vectorworks.net/ebooks/sharing-your-model-with-ifc is it still an issue in VWX 2019/2020? is there anyway we can remodel the roof so that it is able to be exported properly within a mirrored symbol?
  3. Hi, We are having issues trying to export to IFC. We have a large housing scheme, with each house type modelled as a symbol, and handed within various blocks. After checking an attempted IFC export in Solibri, we notice that both the stair and the roof faces within the mirrored types go AWOL. Is there something we can do to stop this behaviour with the mirrored symbols? &/or is there a way to assign IFC Data to the symbol, whilst maintaining the 'selectability' of the individual IFC elements within the symbol (i.e. walls, windows etc.) Thanks Jack VWX 2019 SP5.3


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