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    Thanks, Tim C.!

    Un-docking and re-docking the Object Info Palette did fix the problem.
    Besides, I notice that we can now update to Vectorworks 2019 (SP 3.1) and it permanently fixed it without un-docking and re-docking the palette.
    I've struggled with this problem and have to use Vectorworks 2018 instead for months.  Hopefully, the new update will be fully compatible with MacOS Mojave.


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  2. That happened to me as well.  I updated to 2019 this morning and can't edit text as well.
    I tried to open a blank document and just used the text tool.  I get the spinning wheel and unresponsive application message again and again.
    My computer is running on macOS Mojave v10.14.3 and the version of Vectorworks is 2019SP2 (Build 463397) (64-Bit)   Please help!

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