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  1. Thanks, Tim C.! Un-docking and re-docking the Object Info Palette did fix the problem. Besides, I notice that we can now update to Vectorworks 2019 (SP 3.1) and it permanently fixed it without un-docking and re-docking the palette. I've struggled with this problem and have to use Vectorworks 2018 instead for months. Hopefully, the new update will be fully compatible with MacOS Mojave.
  2. It happened to me using VW 2018 as well. The title block just randomly disappears from time to time. It will come back after restarting your computer. I hope this will help.
  3. That happened to me as well. I updated to 2019 this morning and can't edit text as well. I tried to open a blank document and just used the text tool. I get the spinning wheel and unresponsive application message again and again. My computer is running on macOS Mojave v10.14.3 and the version of Vectorworks is 2019SP2 (Build 463397) (64-Bit) Please help!
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