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  1. I think I've actually figured out the issue, although it doesn't seem right. the dimensions were in a class that was turned off in my navigation palette, but visible in the viewport. This doesn't make any sense to me - if I'm in a viewport, my navigation settings should be irrelevant? The viewport controls class visibility? anyways, once I turned the class on, even though it's on... I was able to select similar the dimensions. Thanks, Allison
  2. Hello, yes, I can select the dimensions with the selection tool. I just opened my file this morning, starting fresh, and am still having the same issue. Allison
  3. Hi Raymond, I was also using object type. For some reason I just couldn't select the dimensions. They would highlight red instead of orange and just not let me click them. Allison
  4. still unable to select similar dimensions in viewport annotation. using VW2020.
  5. I am having the same problem. I can't edit callouts from 2019 - I edit them and just get the database with default text typed in....
  6. I found a fix also, I just turned on the visualization/lights palette and when I turned it on it was pre-snapped to the right side. I was then able to snap my object info to that palette. So.. perhaps I got lucky??
  7. Hello, first time posting an issue on here. I'm having trouble with some ceiling grids; some are editable and some are not. I have no idea why. The ones I can't edit seem to have a different properties menu than the ones I can edit. anyone know what the deal is here? We don't use ceiling grids much. thanks, Allison
  8. I am having the same issue except I can only dock on the left side, not the right. My palette margins are set to both and use application window is selected. Did you ever find a resolve for this? I have restarted Vectorworks and my computer multiple times. Very annoying!
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