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  1. JonnyP

    pdf imports

    I operate Vectorworks 2019 on a mac with two elderly 20 inch apple cinema displays. When I import a pdf the screen crashes. Anybody know why this should happen and how to sort it? (It does seem the be an issue with the display).
  2. Thank you for your responses. My background is in architecture, I am a big Vectorwoks fan, but I spend some time working for a door manufacturer. Regarding the standard door hardware feature, while this feature is excellent I doubt if it will give me enough control of, for example hinge positions. (and maybe even 3d geometry). Complexity could be relatively simple, for example a lockcase in 3d could be quite complex, but all that is important to me is the external shape, the cut-out in the door and that it get's picked up on a schedule. I think it could be a symbol that adopts a standard position in the door. I will do up a typical example, I see you're on LinkedIn. I'm not real into forums. By accurate enough for fabrication I mean something I can convert to a .dwg and send to a CNC router. This might sound complicated but it's not. As I say it doesn't need to be super complex, but the beauty of parametric objects is speed of variation. You mention different door styles I don't mind producing a script for each format i.e. single leaf, leaf and a half, etc. but to be able within those parameters to alter sizes would be big.
  3. Can I, using Marionette or indeed some other method, produce a parametric doorset that contains all necessary information for scheduling (hinges, locks, levers, seals, etc.) and is accurate enough for fabrication?
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