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  1. The issue is not the laptop for sure as I have changed it to two different ones. classes are all set to use at creation . Still can not make a solid shape.
  2. I have tried so many different things including all above. I even reinstalled Vw again. as soon as I try to copy paste from any layer to 3D layer things go wrong and I am able to draw any 3D using any layers.
  3. the only solution i found is to close the VW and open again then by moving from one layer to other again same issue happens
  4. Thanks for your reply, all steps you mentioned are done but still when i draw a basic rectangular shape or even the 3D shapes that I previously draw turn to look like empty boxes. the images above is an object I previously draw i 3D and it was fine but when I try to duplicate or any other actions in 3D it shows empty boxes.
  5. Hi I m using VW 19. When I try to create 3D object in middle of the work it changes the rendering. pls see below screenshot Thanks
  6. Hi, I am using 2019 version, When I try to log in and activate, I am receiving a notification as below screenshot saying that I can not activate my account. Second issue: When I try to draw 3D shapes vectorwork does not create a box it gives me some sort of transparent like empty box . I have added an example to clarify the isssue. thanks.
  7. Hi, I have recently downloaded vectorworks educational 2019. since then my laptop starts crashing countlessly. Any idea any one? I have Mac 2011. just upgraded the software. Is there any way to download older version? Thanks


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