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  1. What I wanted to know is how to make less line in all cylinder & curved objects after I have using the hidden line rendering mode? If not I have to ungroup the cylinder than delete all the unwanted lines.
  2. When I converted 3D object to line it show a lot of lines in the round object. I needed to delete the unwanted lines. So is there anything that can do with all the lines?
  3. How come VW10.5 don't have any tools to create 3D dimmensioing?
  4. Can you advise me how & where to be trained to become a Vectorworks Trainers?
  5. I'm using VW10.5 to do all 3d object & than export under DXF file to my ATLANTIS rending software.How come AtLANTIS counld'nt import all the wall,windows & doors that I have used the VW10.5 wall tools to do the wall as well as the windows & doors. Is it because I have used the stand alone ATLANTIS instead of ATLANTIS for VW10.5 only. So anyone could advise me ??????
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