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  1. Well, I've figured out how to edit the symbol and add the 3D locus to the fixture and adjust the beam origin that way. I was trying to edit the symbol out of the main resource folder which is where I was getting stuck. Another question however is, in a 2D elevation drawing is it possible use the draw beams feature or does it require a 3D drawing? Right now it will show the beam, but only as if it were in a 2D plan drawing. Thanks
  2. I'm noticing that when I view my beam angles in section the beam originates directly from the specified z axis. The fixture is hung on that same point but the housing of the lamp is below it (as it should be). Is there something that I'm missing or am I going to have to edit the symbols on the z axis for them to line up? If so am I able to edit the beam origin of the lamp and not the lamp itself?
  3. I'm also noticing a slow down of VW 10 by comparison to VW 9.5. On the whole things are slower, and I've got my system running clean. I can deal with the longer load times etc. but VW 10 lags when I try to engage the pick-up of an object using the smart points. I have to hover over the point, click and hold for a sec, and then I can move the object using the point I wanted. Is there anything I can do to speed this part up? Thanks Bill Zeilstra
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    I've also noticed the same lag, but it also happens when I try to drag an drop items using the smart points. The time between clicking on something and then picking it up to move it the lag allows the cursor to move off the smart point and you end up grabbing a different part of the object. I end up having to hover, hold for a second and watch the cursor to make sure I have what I want. Have you noticed this as well? Bill Zeilstra
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