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  1. Hi All using a RW as background and Hidden line as forground in a render. I'm hoping to change the line color of the Hidden Line overlay to a gray -- the black is too strong for my needs (trying to show a seam between scenic flats). any ideas? thank you Ethan
  2. Thank you so much ! Really perfect for what I needed! best Ethan
  3. when I publish in mac - preview does not see fonts ??
  4. Yeah - I think there may be some way to do a workaround with the "Lighting Colors" thing - but have not been able to get that to work even for lights! lol thanks
  5. Not working at all Let me be a bit more specific ... I have a symbol tables & chairs. In different parts of the plan, there are different color tables cloths (5 total). I would love to be able to change the tablecloth color (and leave the chairs alone) by a simple attribute change. right now I have 5 separate symbols - 1 for each color group. Blah. thanks!
  6. Trying to use the Spotlight Instrument Color -but having issues.
  7. I wish I could bold some parts of a callout - like the callout title. Having only a single text style available it a bit tough.
  8. Hello all ... Doing a simple layout and have a single symbol that would like to be represented in 5 colors. Similar to the "Link Text to Record" I would like to link the color of a part of the symbol. I cannot just do this via classes as the parts inside the symbol do not change class when the symbol does. thank you
  9. LOL - just came back to this thread again on another project frustrated by the seating tool. It should be such an easy thing to get working correctly. You get things you rarely use (concentric) and don't get the most obvious - Aisle. Come on Nemetshek - you are getting so close these days!!
  10. I mean it's July 2013 and we're on SP4 and i'm still crashing constantly!!! ARGHGHGHGHHGHGHHGHHGHGH I send the report log everytime, but nada from nobody?!?! Who should I be sending this stuff to. GOING CRAZY
  11. Another vote for Vworks to get in line and support this new update for mac. I have been using the 3d connection on my PC Solid work for years - and it would be a great benefit to my Vworks experience.
  12. Agreed with GWS. Also - dealing with the text sizing from model space to viewport is very clunky. What if I use the same object, but use different scaling? It is a part of an assembly. I have the assembly view and the detail view. I need to dimension both of these. I now need to go in and create a new class of dimensions just to be able to turn off the part dims and show the assembly dims? Rustic to say the least.
  13. vWorks is just losing it. Major price increases, with minimal service / functionality increases combined with constant crashing = dull boy. I'm on the latest sp3 of vworks on macbook pro i7, updated etc... and i crash about 15 times a day. Once I restart it stays solid for about an hour? then its crash city. Killing me.
  14. Hello All - I?m using some flat head machine screws to hold some boards together and I would like to create a countersink hole. It seems pretty straight forward, but I can't seem to figure out how to create a tapered extrude to cut the hole. Screw is: .477" Diameter Head Tapers at 85? for .133" to 1/4" Diameter, and then the rest of the screw ... thoughts?
  15. Can someone who does have VectorWorks and the Space Navigator functioning happily post up an importable configuration file? Thank you S_
  16. so simple and needed. Iso & Plan view at the same time anyone? Available in all cheapy programs.
  17. ah - this is the spotlight plug-in. Else it would be easy The "Television" tool
  18. Thanks Kevin, Wouldn't the PlasCase texture then be in my Document's resources? I don't see it there. Trying some of the others. Please advise.
  19. I'm hoping this is very simple. I have a bunch of TV objects - but the cases keep rendering in Gray. For the life of me, I can't figure how to get the cases to render in the black plastic they are made out of?? thanks in advance E_
  20. ahh - i am and I can try ... let me see thanks!
  21. Our wall is 60'w x 13' tall - it would be a killer to process all those cutouts! LOL!
  22. Thanks - Just posted the low-Res LED question to the board. No curved option on the tool is a drag. thanks! Ethan
  23. Trying to give the client the correct visual for our concept ... We have an 18mm background screen and a 5mm HD Content Screen which floats in front. I want to show the pixel density difference between the two products. I've been killing myself trying different masks, but nothing seems to work out correctly. Does anyone have a way to render Low-Res LED walls? Thanks


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