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  1. Hey all - 


    I went back and forth with tech support a few times.


    The Interior Corner was not my issue.


    My control lines were too close to each other and my verticals to dead vertical to each other.


    Combined, these did not leave enough variables to correctly calculate my model.


    for what its worth :)

  2. Got it !


    For those reading this the "Gate" is where the Shutter would cut into in a physical light.  You need to go wireframe or X-Ray and zoom in on the unit to see it & select it.


    I have a feeling that a macro could be made for "Select Instrument - Give 1% Shutter Cut - Set Working Plane to "Gate" - Look at working plane"

    But its above my ability :)


    Thank you !

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  3. I'm in need of a new laptop as my MBP is aging.


    Is VectorWorks on PC really that much nastier?

    I almost feel I should get a cheap PC laptop for month to play with windows and see if I can live in that environment.


    Has anyone else made the switch over to PC lately?


    the Razor sure looks sexy though :)


    Thanks :)





  4. Hi -- I am referencing Part "P" into Assembly "A"


    I have classes / layers in "P" that I want to hide / show in different viewports in "A".


    How do I go about this ?


    When I go to the "Layers" or "Classes" visabilites in the Viewport dialogue box - I don't see the referenced layers / classes. Only the local ones.


    I don't want to control from the referenced viewport object of "P" - as I don't want it to be for ALL viewports in "A".


    Hope this makes sense :)



  5. 23 hours ago, line-weight said:

    I find that everything works fine when using 3Dconnexion's own "trainer" software. All perfectly smooth and as it should be so it seems unlikely there's a hardware problem. (Does the same apply to the CADmouse?)


    The problem seems to come in its interaction with VW, somehow.


    100% - if it worked in VectorWorks like the space Navigator does in the demo software, it would be a dream.


    It's pretty much why I purchased in the first place!

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  6. On 8/1/2016 at 6:20 AM, Andrew Davies said:


    But I am struggling to get it to work well with Vectorworks. I set it up as per these settings




    Does anyone have a configuration that is working well on Mac with VectorWorks 2017?

    Can you export your config file ?


    I'm trying all permutations again - and getting frustrated (again!)


    thank you


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