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  1. Copy - So each referenced viewport is its own individual thing. The trick is to duplicate the viewport of "P" and on different "A" layers as you need them. Thank you Ethan
  2. Hi -- I am referencing Part "P" into Assembly "A" I have classes / layers in "P" that I want to hide / show in different viewports in "A". How do I go about this ? When I go to the "Layers" or "Classes" visabilites in the Viewport dialogue box - I don't see the referenced layers / classes. Only the local ones. I don't want to control from the referenced viewport object of "P" - as I don't want it to be for ALL viewports in "A". Hope this makes sense Thanks!
  3. Yes - I've noticed a definite improvement Which fly mode are people liking ?
  4. 100% - if it worked in VectorWorks like the space Navigator does in the demo software, it would be a dream. It's pretty much why I purchased in the first place!
  5. Does anyone have a configuration that is working well on Mac with VectorWorks 2017? Can you export your config file ? I'm trying all permutations again - and getting frustrated (again!) thank you Ethan
  6. Pretty Great work - IMHO I apologize for any circular questioning .. This brings me to a question I posted on another thread ... Is there a comprehensive list of functions that can be called out in a worksheet? - the only lists I can seem to find are: http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:Search_Criteria#Search_Criteria_Tables http://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:Function_Reference_Appendix#attrCrit http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/1089/Worksheet+Functions+-+Doors http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/1090/Worksheet+Functions+-+Plants http://kbase.vectorworks.net/questions/1088/Worksheet+Functions+-+Windows The kbase articles look the most promising - but there is not a full list I can find? For Example: You use : =('Data Stamp'.'FileName') Where does one find the function callout ? Data Stamp'.'FileName Is there a comprehensive list of all callouts? Thank you for your time Ethan
  7. Hi mk Very impressive as I poke my head around the file. I'm seeing a lot of the items I was interested in learning about! Question: Is there a reason that the Filename and Total Sheets do not pull automatic values? Sorry if this is a silly question - I'm kind of beat here on late Sunday night. Thank you much, _ER
  8. Lots of great info here! But the original question is "how do I reference the Sheet Names / Number / Description from the Organization Dialogue box? If I enter then names there - I want my title block to reference them Using the Sheet Border Tool - I have to put the information into each info pallet and each title block separately. It seems much more straight forward - and much better organized - to pull the information from the "Organization" Pallet. Obviously this is recorded - so I would like to pull it to use in my title block. This will keep everything aligned when I use the Publish Tool. Thanks Ethan
  9. Thanks Pat I want to create a TOC that utilizes the same info I use to "publish" a drawing set. - So i don't want to use custom fields - I want to be able to reference Drawing #'s, Names & Descriptions from the Organization window (see screenshot). I would like to display the info in my title block AND in a TOC worksheet as a cover page. Thank you Ethan
  10. Hi, Trying to build a worksheet to reference: Sheet Number Sheet Title Sheet Description And then also be able to put them in the Title Block. Is there a way to do this? I can't figure out the syntax. Or do I have to use the TitleBlock Tool ? Thanks Ethan
  11. OMG Thank you ! It seems that there should be a good reference for this. I'm not trying to reference Sheet Number Sheet Title Sheet Description Seems like it is a no brainer somehow ?? but i can't find it. Can someone point me to the correct syntax?
  12. is there a good tutorial on this? I found the "wall report" tutorial - but it does not really show the "how" to construct arguments - just a lot of 'do this" thanksl
  13. So easy - so perfect THANK YOU !!!! is there a list of all the references somewhere? I feel as if they are very hard to figure out what each one is. ty Ethan
  14. Hi - Trying to create a wall schedule - and I want to name some walls for clarification. Trying to create a Name (IFC Field in the OIP??) and then pull it on the report? Can someone give me the right location for the name and syntax for the report? Thank you Ethan
  15. I found the object that was causing the trouble. Selected it. then Right Click and chose release from the sub-menu that seemed to do the trick
  16. ? the project file is on BOX - so in theory it should be synced with the home machine ?
  17. Hi - I checked out a layer on my home machine, and I guess I forgot to release it. Now I'm at the office - and I can't edit the layer Both CPU have Admin access. How do I force check-in the layer ? Or maybe it's force Check Out Layer ? Help please ! E+
  18. You got it Kevin. That 2-step process is my plan - going to try the viewport over a viewport! LOL! E
  19. Not sure why I had it working great - then replaced a profile trying to get it working better now apps not seeing the 3dware profiles ?
  20. Ok - I had it working perfectly .. but now my 3dXware no longer links to my apps have a message into 3dConnextion support
  21. Hi - Before I go into "research mode" (Trial & Error!) I want to create an IMAG viewport. Figuring I can - Create a Viewport from a rendtrworks camera - Copy that viewport to a sheet layer with a screen distort / adjust that camera viewport to match the skew of the new viewport? Anyone have a better idea? Thanks! Ethan
  22. Thank you so much Jim ! Will give it a go! (FYI - the old K-base was working better now then it did on last firmware). Appreciate all. best Ethan


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