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  1. Thanks Rob - Found them!

    Its  bit odd as some are in the Service Select folders and others in the libraries folders.


    Question - once downloaded  - is there a way to integrate them into the OIP Pallets?

    ie. if I download the new Espon Projectors or Meyer Speakers - can I use the Spotlight tools to insert them into my drawings?


    Thank you



  2. Hi Jim,


    That is what I thought - but some of the libraries (like the ETC Power Library or SquareLED) were not there - I had to go to the Service Select Portal and download them.

    Is this correct - or is something not connecting on my side?



  3. -- Update --

    I realize that as I continue to work on my file and navigate around- the view-port is obviously knocked out of the correct rotation.

    So I have to go back to a "Saved View" Prior to exporting each time?

    Is that the workaround? To confirm that I'm always in the correct orientation for my design layer / sheet layer viewports to pick up the correct view?


    (Sorry - tired , I'm not sure if that made any sense!"

  4. Hello all


    Is there a 'definitive' recommended settings for nVidia GeForce Graphics Cards?


    I'm back to the PC and have not found any good answer.

    I"m having a decent amount of performance issues that I don't believe I should be having; as my new PC is epically superior to my 2012 MBP - yet my performance has not significantly improved; and in many cases has regressed.


    Help please!



    nVidia Settings.png


  5. Hi Jim,


    It is a bit better - once the file is drawn and loaded.

    Also - my screen flashes to black sometimes while it is redrawing?

    Is this normal?


    Ii sent you the file in a private chat.

    Could you open it and check it on your machine?


    Yes, There are a lot of tables and chairs - but its not a skyscraper or anything extra complicated :(



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