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  1. Copy that - explains a lot.
  2. Thanks Rob - Found them! Its bit odd as some are in the Service Select folders and others in the libraries folders. Question - once downloaded - is there a way to integrate them into the OIP Pallets? ie. if I download the new Espon Projectors or Meyer Speakers - can I use the Spotlight tools to insert them into my drawings? Thank you
  3. copy - think it is an error
  4. Hi Jim, That is what I thought - but some of the libraries (like the ETC Power Library or SquareLED) were not there - I had to go to the Service Select Portal and download them. Is this correct - or is something not connecting on my side? Thanks
  5. Question - aren't the subscription libraires supposed to be available via the Resource browser>VectorWorks Libraries ? Do you actually have to download them?
  6. If I have a large 3D Model of a venue in my drawing. Are you saying it Is better to ex-ref the 3D Model? Lower file size and faster performance? E
  7. Question on webview. When I create the webview via the cloud services - it generates a sharable link. Is there a way to get that link anytime afterwards? Or is this the one and only opportunity? E
  8. -- Update -- I realize that as I continue to work on my file and navigate around- the view-port is obviously knocked out of the correct rotation. So I have to go back to a "Saved View" Prior to exporting each time? Is that the workaround? To confirm that I'm always in the correct orientation for my design layer / sheet layer viewports to pick up the correct view? (Sorry - tired , I'm not sure if that made any sense!"
  9. Thank you - this method is a great workaround. I agree - simply turning the clip cube into a view-port would cut out many of these steps. I guess it would require 'instances' of clip cube - similar to view-port cameras? Seems a great tool though
  10. Thanks M_ Trying these out. I'd like to see an 'official' version for 2018. It seems this should be something updated since 2014? Thank you Ethan
  11. Man- it really feels as if .VWX is being left behind on many fronts Thank you
  12. Hello all Is there a 'definitive' recommended settings for nVidia GeForce Graphics Cards? I'm back to the PC and have not found any good answer. I"m having a decent amount of performance issues that I don't believe I should be having; as my new PC is epically superior to my 2012 MBP - yet my performance has not significantly improved; and in many cases has regressed. Help please! Ethan
  13. Seems this should be stock somewhere in vwx !
  14. I see that Maxwell works with ArchiCAD and Cinema4D - does it allay with VectorWorks? What would be the workflow ?
  15. I'm on a Gigabyte Aero15x - decent enough - they are coming out with a new model in the next months that will probably be way better Current has the 1070 Max-Q But the new ones will have the new chips and probably fix a keyboard issue that is annoying.
  16. Very cool render view. I've been doing the OpenGL without color to get quick white renders. E My screen grabs are a little ye
  17. Hi Jim, It is a bit better - once the file is drawn and loaded. Also - my screen flashes to black sometimes while it is redrawing? Is this normal? Ii sent you the file in a private chat. Could you open it and check it on your machine? Yes, There are a lot of tables and chairs - but its not a skyscraper or anything extra complicated Thanks Ethan
  18. OMG - I feel this will be life changing !!!! Running out - will do this evening! thanks!
  19. Hi Jim Sending to you. I have a USB 2nd Monitor running right now. But the slow down is wiith or without it. Thanks Ethan I
  20. I'm having similar issues. I'm on a new PC with a 1070 Max-Q card -- It seems as if the card is not being used at all? 2D or 3D - Wireframe or Open GL ?? Is there something I need to do to force VWX to use the fancy dancy GPU card ??
  21. Hmm - this did not seem to stop the auto-Re-render in design layers? Was it supposed to? (has alerted me to things I forgot about though
  22. Is there anyway to stop it from Auto-Rendering on any action? I do some things that should have no impact on the render - and it auto-starts rendering again - wasting another 6-8 min of my life !
  23. Can anyone actually cancel a rendering in progress? I use the escape and/or the CNTRL-Period and neither seems to work? Is there a new tool combo? thanks S_
  24. I can't seem to find a straight forward tutorial on how too use the cloud rendering? Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you Ethan
  25. I'm working with a section viiewport now - and my machine is crawling. I think I have to delete them if I'm going to keep working with the file. Not sure as to the cause. Will keep an eye out.


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