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  1. So I can use the tools and everything in the work area, but when I touch the menu bar .. Vworks dissapears. Just totally uninstalled and re-installed .. thoughts?
  2. I'm getting the same thing now .. randomly closing. Nothing doing. Just gone. is it an SP2 issue?
  3. Hey All, Trying to bash out some 3-D stuff with VWorks and am going crazy having to go to VIEW>FRONT, VIEW>RIGHT, etc ... to change the view. Is it possible to have a quick menu or script palette to do that. Thanks? E
  4. It would nice to be able to control these from the prop. menu.
  5. Really? That seems like pretty basic functionality to make only available in the Integrated products? I guess I'll lodge a wish list note. thanks, e
  6. How can you batch print from VectorWorks? Can't find it .. isn't it only in Arch.?
  7. It is unfortuneate that the 'plain' vectorworks does not support batch printing. This is such basic functionality, it seems a sham to bury it in the specialized editions only. Please bring batch printing to the standard version. There are plenty of reasons to upgrade for those that need to.
  8. sorry for the repost- adding emial notification
  9. sorry for the repost- adding emial notification
  10. I'm not sure what I do, but while working on sheets, everything seems to sometimes randomly rescale, so that I have to zoom out to a 1% view in order to see my viewports, title, etc .. on the sheet. Don't know how it happens, don't know how to change it back without deleting the sheet and starting over? Help?
  11. Wow .. That is math I haven't calculated out since calculus in high school! Too much for me to figure out with the deadline at hand. Instead, I am flipping over to AutoCAD and utilizing the measure & Divide commands - then re-importing back to Vworks thanks for the help! E
  12. I have an oval room that I measured around the perimeter as to door placement .. now that I am back in my office, I am attempting to plot out where the doors fall on the ellipse. The oval is 85'w x 116'L with breaks for Doors from 0 (being the bottom center quad of the ellipse) as follows: 0 --> 38.5 13'4 --> 16'6 30'11 -->34'4 along the circumference of the ellipse / perimeter of the room any ideas on how to plot this out? thanks, Ethan
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