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  1. I was thinking of upgrading my input devices for mac. Was looking at a 3D Controller like the Space Navigator Does anyone have any experience with this and VectorWorks?
  2. Moderator - anyone? Hello?
  3. trying to correctly texturize some cabinet symbols and do not have full texture controls? Advice please. thanks
  4. My stacked layers command is greyed out in my current document. Any idea why?
  5. Hmm.. Why can't I get the mapping preferences for the door object? I need to adjust the scale of the map used. On the class leval, you can't adjust the map either ..
  6. Trying out the help, thank you .. Actually having problems finding where to "double click" the extrude along path ..
  7. Hi I'm trying to extrude along a path. However, when I extrude, the center of the object is centered to the path, and I need the edge along the path. As a solution, I have offset the path 1/2 the width of the object to be extruded. This in theory should put the edge of the extrusoin at the edge of the path I need. However, I am getting an error message when trying to extrude along the offset path? Please see the file here .. http://www.aaaeventservices.com/test.mcd thank you, Ethan
  8. No I'm getting nothing from VectorWorks & nothing from Nemetschek!!! I've called, emailed, webformed and left messages!!! Nothing!!
  9. I believe I am having the same problem. I get the VW splash screen, but then it dissapears and I have nothing. is this what you are experiencing? thank you, Ethan
  10. Did you do the full un-install, delete reg, re-install or just delete the registeries and run the program? Thanks E
  11. Here are the instructions I got; Install VW 11.5.1 from the CD mailed to you. Re-boot and then launch VW 11.5.1. This should clear up any corrupt workspace issues as well as verify that you have the most up to date version of our software. Below are the Registry Deletion Instructions. ************************************************* * INSTRUCTIONS TO DELETE VW 11 REGISTRY ENTRIES * ************************************************* Press Start and then choose Run. Type "regedit" and hit enter. This will open the Registry Editor. Now you're going to navigate through the registry folders on the left side of the Registry Editor to delete the VW 11 preferences files from 3 directories HKEY_CURRENT_USER, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_USERS. HKEY_CURRENT_USER Expand My Computer. Under My Computer expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER. Under HKEY_CURRENT_USER expand Software. Under Software expand Nemetschek. Under Nemetschek select VectorWorks 11 and press delete. Choose yes to delete it and it's subkeys. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Expand My Computer. Under My Computer expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE expand Software. Under Software expand Nemetschek. Under Nemetschek select VectorWorks 11 and press delete. Choose yes to delete it and it's subkeys. HKEY_USERS Expand My Computer. Under My Computer expand HKEY_USERS. Under HKEY_USERS, there will be 2 folders with the same name, only one with the post fix "_Classes". (Ex: "S-1-4-64" and "S-1-4-64_Classes"). Expand the folder with the longest folder name that DOES NOT end with "_Classes". Under this folder, expand Software. Under Software expand Nemetschek. Under Nemetschek select VectorWorks 11 and press delete. Choose yes to delete it and it's subkeys. *****// END OF INSTRUCTIONS //*****
  12. not sure .. on one time, I was able to get in and do a save as .. it seems to have made me more stable, though not totally ... they are sending me an 11.5 install disk and instructions on how to COMPLETELY wipe VW from my system for a reinstall. I wonder what would hapeen if you just removed the files from teh workspace folder? Would it generate a new default workspace? I could email you one to replace the one you have? It sounds a bit weird to me too .. just telling you what they told me. I'll try anything that works!
  13. They've been telling me that it is a workspace issue. Try changing your workspace. E
  14. And you are right .. it just dissapears ..like I hit close or quit. No nothing ..just gone!
  15. Hmm don't know what "pre-binded your directories" means .. I'm on a winxp pro 3 mb ram AMD FX-51 64 bit processor problem as described by the other post exactly .. Did not diable norton for the install .. think that could be it? Also when un-installing, I have to do it from CleanSweep ..the uninstaller either does not work, or does not do a complete job. How do I pre-bind my directories? And what is that? Thanks E
  16. So I can use the tools and everything in the work area, but when I touch the menu bar .. Vworks dissapears. Just totally uninstalled and re-installed .. thoughts?
  17. I'm getting the same thing now .. randomly closing. Nothing doing. Just gone. is it an SP2 issue?
  18. Hey All, Trying to bash out some 3-D stuff with VWorks and am going crazy having to go to VIEW>FRONT, VIEW>RIGHT, etc ... to change the view. Is it possible to have a quick menu or script palette to do that. Thanks? E
  19. It would nice to be able to control these from the prop. menu.
  20. Really? That seems like pretty basic functionality to make only available in the Integrated products? I guess I'll lodge a wish list note. thanks, e
  21. How can you batch print from VectorWorks? Can't find it .. isn't it only in Arch.?
  22. It is unfortuneate that the 'plain' vectorworks does not support batch printing. This is such basic functionality, it seems a sham to bury it in the specialized editions only. Please bring batch printing to the standard version. There are plenty of reasons to upgrade for those that need to.


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