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  1. Apologies if this has been asked and answered ... When checking layers in/out we are asked to make notes - which is great! Is there a way to see a running list of those check in/out notes? - Perhaps even linked to a design space object on each layer that shows notes relevant to that layer? That way one could track changes between updates (as long as there is good note taking). On that _note_ is there a way to simply show changes since your last sync? Thank you! E
  2. yes - there is the indicator on the top left of the upper menu bar. However - this is ONE instance where I actually want notifications (usually the bane of my existence). It would be incredibly useful to have a notification of when someone opens a working file, checks out a layer, etc ... This would really help i think 🙂
  3. @EAlexander Now that is an explanation that makes sense. Modeling vs. CAD Thank you
  4. Thinking of giving this a try . https://cad4arch.com/dxf_exporter/index.htm
  5. OBJ comes in as mesh. Will try the .3ds and .dxf next 🙂
  6. ugh - what a pain in the ass 🙂 Thanks!
  7. @zoomer Does that mean you can go Blender - FBX -> C4D -> VectorWorks ?
  8. Yes - that is the file you have in the slack 🙂 It comes in as Meshes however; which is a drag. Blender -> OBJ <-- VectorWorks an .fbx file import would be much better. does c4d take .FBX ?
  9. Hi all, I have a buildilng model that was made in Blender and I'm trying to import into VectorWorks. Is there a workflow that works? Any outside software needed as a magic box? ie. Blender -> 3DStudio -> VectorWorks thank you
  10. copy - thank you ! LMB failure is what I have.
  11. Hi all, My CadMouse is dying - has anyone tried the new wireless version? What else is on the hot spot these days in terms of mice that play nice with VectorWorks ? thanks! E
  12. reviving this thread for 2019 ! My CadMouse has a left button issue that I think is goign to send it to the grave! Would love a new mouse recommendation ! e
  13. Tried that and it crashed out my system; creating too many polygons 😞
  14. Hi all, I"m sure this is an easy thing - only I can't find a thread. I have a complex model I imported - that I want to convert to 2D Polygons; however I want to take it about 1/2 way 'up' the z-axis. If I clip cube (clipcube) it I can see what I want. How do a get this to be usable in 2D ? Thanks E
  15. I'm still hoping for a decent library of humans to use.
  16. Does it effect an import? If I'm bringing in a sketchup for example - will that reduce polygon count ?
  17. The convert to mesh crashed my computer. I'm working on a collaborative event so do not have much choice as to importing. ty
  18. I'm coming back to this thread. I have a file that is crawling - and I found a symbol embedded in and embedded symbol. it was 100,000+ 3D Pollygons. This is the kind of thing I'm looking for a tool to help find. It was quite hidden!
  19. I remember that ESC should also cancel a Render in progress? I can't stop a render with ESC ESC or Contro-. frustrating
  20. 2019 and I'm still hunting down decent human figures. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks! Ethan
  21. Oh - i'm on 2019 -> Haven't updated that since 2016 ! LOL! Got t working in 2018. Its a great start. As I said - I think VectorWorks should take it and turn it into somethign like the "Wall" tool. - inlcude Jacks (type, size, interval, etc ..); but probably not worth their time? I dig it 🙂 Ethan
  22. HOLY CRAP - ABOUT TO DROP ALL MY WORK TO TRY THIS 🙂 IMO - this should be grabbed up by VectorWorks and integrated into 2020. Such a basic tool that can be expanded on and used everyday! Thank you for even attempting it 🙂 Ethan @Brendan Gray @Charlie Winter
  23. As cloud services picks up the file from dropbox -> Is it whatever view happens to be active on the file when the process begins on the cloud server? That seems a bit random. It also stops me from working on the file during the wait time & Process time 😞


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