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  1. We have been trying to utilize the automated issue history log function, but have found we cannot get issues to be presented in either number or date order. Admittedly, we usually resort to manually inputting issue numbering because we need to add to an existing issue or some other reason. Below is an example of the Revision History Log, but shows the type of things we are seeing with this related to issues. We rarely need to report on multiple revisions. Our main question is, how are issues in the report ordered? How can we get them to be ordered by either issue date or number? And can this be done if issue numbers are manually input? Another question is when exactly is a single issue entry created? In the example above we actually only issued drawings on less than 10 occasions, but you can see many more issues displayed than this. Does each issue represent every issue ever created even if it was later deleted or changed? We are not sure where the additional issues are being generated from. Are any others finding success with the Issue Log and have advice they could share? We are having a very hard time with this.
  2. Hi All, Has anyone experienced an issue where activating the extrude tool causes their system to crash? I am working in a rather large file, but i haven' t found that anything else I do causes this issue. I can get around it by entering extrude figures, but I cannot click the extrude tool without VW crashing. This issue is the same on another colleagues PC ussing the same file. Does anyone have any ideas?
  3. Hi all, I am a Landscape architect fairly new to rendering with Vectorworks and have found it difficult to smooth out the process of producing high quality rendered images and videos from VW models and in a decent timeframe. What are some of your preferred modeling software to use with VW ? Has anyone had any success with Lumion or other rendering software? Where do you get your plants symbols from to accurately represent the planting plan and individual species? Thanks for any help, Chris
  4. I have been told that there was previously an option to manually adjust the canopy size with the curser during placement. This would be particularly useful when drafting existing trees over an existing plan which already shows the tree canopy size. Does anyone know if this feature still exists?
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