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  1. So found 1 solution, which was kind of weird but if every object in the file was copied deleted and then pasted in place then I could see them again. Weird. If anyone has additional thoughts I'm super down to use a method that doesn't require deletion and repasting.
  2. @zoomer Are you saying you have had the same issue? were you able to solve it?
  3. Hello, I am not sure what's going on. In 2022 all vectorworks 3d geometry has turned black. I have tested multiple files and everything is black and stays black. I was working all morning on a file, went to lunch and came back. After inserting a dwg into one file everything is just black. opened different files and the same thing happened to them so I am suspicious that some setting get adjusted but really don't know how. I have tried restarting but no luck. any help?
  4. @STA Wonderful, all thanks to @m.graf
  5. This has been brought up before and approached in a couple different ways I'm aware of. One was to reorder based on a list which sometimes works. Or if you are able to output the individual symbols then you can use the forward function which I believe was made by @m.graf List Forward.vwx
  6. Are there any Vectorworks troubleshooting or learning based discords or live streaming channels?
  7. Question about VWX 2022 Freezing. Is there a way to make vectorworks stop a process that has caused it to freeze in 2022? I have had 2 situations today where I have performed a simple task such as duplicating text that has caused it to freeze and lose work. I use autosave so not too much work but still these are very simple processes in a relatively small file. Thanks for any help.
  8. @markdd I did not know that it was that limited. Thanks for the info!
  9. I've recently had an issue where when I render in shaded only some of my lights are rendering as "on". When some stop functioning all new instruments that are inserted also refuse to turn "on". Many of the instruments have been copied and pasted from already working lights and placed in new locations. Is this a known issue or does anyone know what might cause this? I've had it happen in 3 different drawings.
  10. Okay..... Tried the stupid thing.... I restarted vectorworks. worked after I did that.
  11. @Andy Broomell I checked just in case and I do have insertion activated. @Pat StanfordI checked and don't have duplicate overlapping walls. Not really sure but I haven't done this in 2022 before since I downloaded it like 2 days ago. In 2021 was not having this issue.
  12. I have inserted a window into a wall but the wall is staying solid in VWX 2022. Any thoughts as to why? Is there a setting I need to add for the window to cut into the wall like it used to?
  13. So since this has been moved into ConnectCad Settings and no longer need to restart to take effect, I have found the whole process intuitive and not frustrating anymore. Thanks for the change on that one. I think it was both needed and extremely easy.
  14. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov Thank you for the update. I'll take a look at my drawings that were having that issue.
  15. Thanks, that wasn't clear for me. Appreciate the quick responses.
  16. Anyone know what Open GL has turned into or where it can be found in the render modes for vwx 2022? I have lost it and still want to use the functionality.
  17. @Mat CairdThat is not an overly complicated drawing at all. Very interesting. Granted I have had it crash by moving lines around in wireless view so. Hard to say what drives that.
  18. @unearthed I pivoted to every 50 actions with mine and it has worked pretty well. I totally hear you though, Around the 2015 version I feel like I started to run into issues with crashing all the time and that has not improved over the past 6 years. But it is probably the function I would like the most is that the program could do all of the things it says it should do well.
  19. @taoist I found I have fewer crashes on my windows device even though it has less RAM and is year older. Interesting how that works out. What settings did you change? Do you recall?
  20. @Mat Caird Snap was it a complicated drawing?
  21. Roughly how often do people usually have vectorworks either crash or have to be forced quit in an eternal pinwheel of doom?
  22. Did this ever find a fix? I've found ways to do it similar to @AS@KD did it but curious if there were other solutions found.
  23. Are there any video tutorials for using connect cad? I've not found anything longer than like a minute so far. Looking to improve my workflow but not sure how to even start. Any help appreciated.
  24. In VWX 2021 and I've been using it about a month now, I keep seeing a phantom light appear the first time I insert a light into a document. it is greyed out and cannot be selected but always appears. If I save, exit and reenter it goes away but if I insert a new light a phantom version of that light appears. It only happens to the first light inserted into a document. On a macbook pro and current on all service packs. Anyone know what could be causing this glitch? I did not have this issue with previous versions. Thanks, Image has real light selected and phantom light is perpendicular to it and floating.
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