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  1. Tried to install 10.1 on Windows desktop machine running XP, both USB ports available. After rebooting (as noted at the end of the installation) and inserting the purple dongle, XP reports a new piece of hardware (plug and play, or is it pray?? at work) and no driver found to activate it. Tried deinstalling and installing twice (no light, illumination in the dongle either). No luck. Decided to try in on my p-III laptop running Win98. This time after rebooting and inserting the dongle, a dialogue box came up noting a new piece of hardware to which it was installing the appropriate Aladdin USB driver. And of course 10.1 runs fine (but slowly) on the laptop. So, need this to run on my desktop. Any suggestions how to either have the installation correctly recognize and install the proper USB dongle driver or possibly install the USB driver myself manually??


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