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  1. I just tried to print a D size drawing and it seems that the new OS or VW has messed somthing up?? I was using gimp 4.2.4 & espgs 7.05.5,VW10 and an earlier version of the OS (10.2.1??) and things were good. My problem is that I'm using OSX.2.4 & VW10.1and the print area of the Transverse D is smaller and now my border no longer fits. I tried printing with gimp4.2.4 & 4.2.5 with the same problem. I'm not really sure if it is the OS or VW since I have updated both since last plotting. I hope some one else has already run into this problem and has got it all figured out!!?!@? TIA, gary MacOS10.2.4 VW/RW 10.1 733MHz PowerPC G4-640mb RAM


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