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  1. Does the student edition of Vision support unlimited universes now (like the regular edition of Vision), or is it still limited to 4? -Liam
  2. Okay, thanks. That feature is definitely a must have then.
  3. I have three different custom moving head fixtures that I am trying to change to zoom values in Vision for. However, it appear that changing the values in Vectorworks has no effect when the show is exported to Vision. Is it even possible for VW to send zoom data to Vision? Thanks
  4. I can't figure out how to connect Vista 3 to Vision 2019 on a Mac computer running macOS Mojave. I have followed the instructions above to connect Vista 2 to Vision. I am assuming that not much has changed. However, Vision does not seem to be receiving the Art-Net signal. Any help would be appreciated. 🙂 Thanks
  5. It would be great if this could be updated to include instructions for connecting to Vista 3. 🙂 Thanks
  6. Is it possible to connect Vista 3 and Vision on one Mac computer? I know this is possible on a Windows machine, but I can’t find any documents on connecting with a Mac. Thanks
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