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  1. I would like a way to explode complex line types and also I would like a toggle option to be able to snap to objects in the complex line type.
  2. I wish that in addition to being able to turn viewport layers On/Off/Grey there was also an option to turn them "ON Dashed" or "Grey Dashed". I know I could do this if all my line types were attached to class options but this is not always feasible but it would be nice to make an entire viewport dashed lines.
  3. I wish there was a command to explode complex dash lines to a group.
  4. Below is a script by Peter Vandewalle and it work fine as a command or from the script palette but if I run it as a tool the angle constraints don't kick in to the second object duplication. Does any one know why and how to fix it. I like this script vs the move by point tool because it makes a duplicate object at every point that I click. and I don't have to keep switching the move by point from retain objects to not retaining objects. Procedure CopyPt; {Peter Vandewalle, 14-03-2003} LABEL 99; VAR ObjHdle,NewHandle:HANDLE; xi,yi,xm,ym,xp,yp,X,Y:REAL; YesNo:BOOLEAN; SelNum:LONGINT; Procedure do_error(s:STRING;v:REAL); BEGIN AlrtDialog(Concat(S,' = ',Num2Str(5,V))); END; BEGIN Absolute; SelNum:=NumSObj(ActLayer); IF (SelNum=0) THEN BEGIN Message('Select object to copy:'); GetPt(X,Y); SetSelect(PickObject(X,Y)); END; Message('Click reference point'); GetPt(xi,yi); YesNo:=false; xp:=xi; yp:=yi; REPEAT Message('Click endpoint, double-click to exit'); GetPtl(xi,yi,xm,ym); IF ((xp=xm) AND (yp=ym)) THEN GOTO 99;{Check 4 double-click} Duplicate(xm-xp,ym-yp); xp:=xm; yp:=ym; UNTIL YesNo; 99:ClrMessage; DSelectAll; RedrawAll; ClrMessage; END; Run(CopyPt);
  5. Is there anyway to call the "Move by Points" command from a vector script and set the parameters.
  6. I would like to know if there is a way to convert a 3d poly to a 2d poly in the layer plane so it moves in 3d the same way that a 3d poly does, not converted to the screen layer as a hidden line rendering of the 3d poly. If there is not a way I put out this challenge for some one to write a script that would do so.
  7. Ok correction the resetObject does not work the class does change but the objects are not reset.
  8. Anyone know why this script runs from the script Palette but not if I add it to the menu. When added to the menu it runs but nothing happens. PROCEDURE ClassStyle; PROCEDURE changedoors(h :HANDLE); BEGIN SETRFIELD(h, 'door', 'IDLabelClass', 'Marks'); ResetObject(h); END; BEGIN ForEachObject(changedoors, (INSYMBOL & INVIEWPORT & (PON='door'))); END; Run(ClassStyle);
  9. Thank you both methods work, but I think what I will do on most occasions is to make sure the marquee selection goes around the end point of the wall on the side that is in the direction I am going to stretch. This way the doors move and all I need to do is rejoin the wall at the end. Another trick I can use is to break the wall at some point near the stretch so the marquee selection can go around an end point. It would be nice if the tool worked the way it had in the past. I used it this way every day.
  10. I used to be able to move doors in walls parallel with the reshape tool in VW 2009 and now with 2012 I cannot. Is there a work around for this. See images
  11. Thank you and yes I know about the handle this is just part of the whole.
  12. This is not working and I have no idea why, any help would be appreciated. Procedure linecolor; Var cw: longint; r,g,b: LONGINT; h: handle; BEGIN GetFillFore(h, r,g,b); if r,g,b =(0,0,255) then SetFillFore(h :255,255,255); End; Run (linecolor);
  13. Is there any way to execute a script on a group of files?
  14. Since I did not need to keep the symbols as symbols I was able to convert them to groups and then my revised script worked for the entire drawing. Thanks for the input. PROCEDURE SelectedObjLineWeight; Var cw:integer; FUNCTION explodeob(h:HANDLE) :BOOLEAN; BEGIN SymbolToGroup(h,2); END; FUNCTION edObject(h:HANDLE) :BOOLEAN; BEGIN cw:=GetLW(h); if cw = 1 then SetLW(h, 8); if cw = 7 then SetLW(h, 4); if cw = 10 then SetLW(h, 6); if cw = 14 then SetLW(h, 8); if cw = 20 then SetLW(h, 11); if cw = 28 then SetLW(h, 12); if cw = 39 then SetLW(h, 15); END; BEGIN DSelectAll; SelectObj(INSYMBOL & INVIEWPORT & (T=Symbol)); ForEachObjectInLayer(explodeob, 2, 2,1); ForEachObjectInLayer(edObject, 0, 2,1); END; Run(SelectedObjLineWeight);
  15. Yes all lineweights in a document is my goal.
  16. I have written a script to change the lineweights of objects in a drawing based on there existing lineweight and it works fine in a layer but I can not get it to work in a symbol. Does anyone know what I could do to make this work. One Idea I have is to cut the objects out of the symbol and place them on a layer make the change and then put them back in the symbol but I do not know how do do this in a script. my script is below. Procedure Lineweight; Label 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106; VAR H1 : HANDLE; P1,P2 : real; Begin; DSelectAll; SelectObj(INSYMBOL & INOBJECT & INVIEWPORT & (LW=7)); DSelectObj(INSYMBOL & INVIEWPORT & (T=TEXT)); H1:= FSActLayer; 100:SetLW(H1,3); H1:=NextSObj(H1); if H1<>Nil then goto 100; DSelectAll; SelectObj(INSYMBOL & INOBJECT & INVIEWPORT & (LW=10)); DSelectObj(INSYMBOL & INVIEWPORT & (T=TEXT)); H1:= FSActLayer; 101:SetLW(H1,4); if H1<>Nil then goto 101; DSelectAll; SelectObj(INSYMBOL & INOBJECT & INVIEWPORT & (LW=14)); DSelectObj(INSYMBOL & INVIEWPORT & (T=TEXT)); H1:= FSActLayer; 102:SetLW(H1,6); H1:=NextSObj(H1); if H1<>Nil then goto 102; DSelectAll; SelectObj(INSYMBOL & INOBJECT & INVIEWPORT & (LW=20)); DSelectObj(INSYMBOL & INVIEWPORT & (T=TEXT)); H1:= FSActLayer; 103:SetLW(H1,8); H1:=NextSObj(H1); if H1<>Nil then goto 103; DSelectAll; SelectObj(INSYMBOL & INOBJECT & INVIEWPORT & (LW=28)); DSelectObj(INSYMBOL & INVIEWPORT & (T=TEXT)); H1:= FSActLayer; 104:SetLW(H1,11); H1:=NextSObj(H1); if H1<>Nil then goto 104; DSelectAll; SelectObj(INSYMBOL & INOBJECT & INVIEWPORT & (LW=39)); DSelectObj(INSYMBOL & INVIEWPORT & (T=TEXT)); H1:= FSActLayer; 105:SetLW(H1,12); H1:=NextSObj(H1); if H1<>Nil then goto 105; End; Run (Lineweight);
  17. Why don't I get the Linewieght to color table when I export a DWG and I have selected "Map Line Weights to Colors"
  18. Yes that was it, thanks
  19. Is there any way to define the printable area in a Vectorscript?
  20. Yes it's annoying, but it not just the "save as" is whenever I want to open another file, export a file, export a Pdf. The path never changes with the open file it remains at its last location. That would be fine if I dumped all of my files into the same location but I don't.
  21. When I open a file from Windows explorer the "save as" path does not set to the current file location, instead it is at what ever the location of the last path that I directed VW2009 to. This is the way that VW 12 worked and we were all pretty used to it at my office. Is there any setting to change it back to the old way.
  22. Using VW 12.5.x If I replace the wall style in the attached file it deletes the symbols that are inserted in the walls. I have tried this on every computer in our office. Is there any way to correct this?
  23. Often we have details that we pull in from other projects and or we rearrange the details on the sheet. Hence the need to renumber each label in consecutive order. It would be great to have a tool that I could set to a start number and click every consecutive detail mark and renumber them sequentially without having to edit the Object info for each item. This would save a great deal of time and my hands from carpel tunnel syndrome. P.S. it would be great if this worked on door and window marks, detail marks, and any other object that has record based number field.
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