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  1. I would like a way to turn of fills in Top/Plan projection, ideally in View ports. This would be convenient in making Electrical and RCP plans with out turning off the fills on the Floor Plan. Does any one have a solution that is not global?

  2. I have the same problem, but with added limitations.

    As stated above the problem shows up when using the lasso or box option, but also if you try to reshape a space with the "show Poly" option off. The other problem is that you can not reshape a space with the "show Poly" off as you could do in previous versions.

    -How long before we can expect a patch for all these bugs. Life as a Vectorworks User is getting annoying.

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  3. Ok, got it to work. I use the Windows version of Vectorworks, and the problem seems to be that you can not import a sketchup file from a mapped or unmapped network drive. If you try a network file it will fail, and if you try again even if you try a file on a local drive VW will crash.

  4. I am requesting that someone create a script that can remove duplicated elements from a drawing. On occation we will have a drawing where items were copied on top of themselves. I used to use an old Dos based cad program called Generic Cadd which had this feature, I don't see why Vectorworks does not. If anyone is able to create this script it would be greatly appreciated. I would be willing to purchase said script.

  5. Whenever you execute a command in Version 12 and you are required to give a yes or no response to a ?Confirmation Window? the ?Y? and ?N? keys no longer work as the did for all previous versions as well as most Windows applications. Please bring them back.

    While on the subject, I would like to say, I have noticed that the Vectorworks design team has constantly removed the keyboard commands and replaced them with mouse click commands. This is not how CAD should work. We are in a high paced drawing field and the more I have to zero in on a button on the screen to get my work done the slower I draw. Case in point ? Zoom out was removed from the Basic tool pallet and hence the shortcut ?V? was also removed, yes this is one item that I was able to correct as well as many others, but my point is that they were once there. Other examples are mostly evident in the variety of popup windows that I must contend with to draw. Example, is the new door dialog, I like the visibility of the door, but I don?t like that all the information is not available on the main screen of the dialog, why the tabs? Don?t get me wrong I love Vectorworks I just feel that we are being taken over by a generation of point and click users who don?t realize how much faster CAD can be if you learn to use the Keyboard as well. Efficiency of work is being lost, the fancy GUI gets annoying after the cuteness wares off.

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  6. I have issues with the fact that I must click exactly on a line to do some commands. For instance if I use the Dual Object Connect tool I have to be very precise with my selections even if there is no other object near my pointer. What I suggest is that VW chooses the nearest object to the curser. One thing that aggravates this is that even if I use zoom line thickness, and I zoom in so the lines are large. I must still click on the very center of the line. Your design is slowing me down.

  7. I have a an idea. I would work to my advantage, may be not yours, for VW to have the ability to print all as black and white, which it does have, but with the exception of the gray scales. In this way all colors would print black, but all gray scales would remain gray. Then I could draw as I am accustomed to black screen colors representing line weights, and grays being grays.

  8. Thanks for your suggestions, but they will not work in my situation. The best fix would be a minimum printed line weight option.

    Windows XP, Sp2 Vectorworks 10.5.1

    Pentium IV 3.2 HT

    Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 w/ Dual Monitors


    Hp Laserjet 2100 - no problem

    Hp Deskjet 1120c - no problem

    Hp Officejet 7100 - no problem

    Kip 7000 - best print but no lines below 3

    Xerox 8055 - On last leg but prints

    Hp Designjet 5000 - No problem - but expensive to print on

  9. I use layer links a lot and I find it necessary to draw over the layer-link rather than the linked layer. I got very good at what I do using VW 9.5, but ever since we have upgraded to 10.X I have had problems with the continual re-draw of the layer-links (when the "project 2d objects" option is selected). Every move - nudge or anything you do causes the layer link to redraw. This is very disappointing. I get very discouraged from working. I am not the type of person that can go slow. And 10.5 is slow. We need and upgrade fast. Try this exercise. Create a layer link of a plan with the "project 2d" on and then draw a rectangle over part of the plan. Zoom in close enough to fit a couple of doors on the screen and the edge of your rectangle. Make sure the rectangle crosses part of the layer-link. Then nudge the rectangle. You will see the speed issue I speak of. This is not an issue in 9.5

  10. I agree, Vectorworks 10.X is much slower than 9.X. I find that I must group things to allow me to nudge them. Using the 2d reshape tool can take minutes to complete, and don't try to work with a layer_link visible. Dialog boxes take a long time to appear on the screen (comparatively). I could go on and on, but simply said 10.x is a very slow version of Vectorworks.

  11. There are at least two wall insertion modes one under the "Selection" tool and one in the "Insert 2D Symbol" tool. What I don't understand is why I have to toggle each independently. If I turn one off they should both turn off and vice versa. Sometimes I can turn off the wall insertion mode drop a symbol right next to a wall and rotate it. Other times I have to drop it, flip it, and then move it into place, but not before I toggle the wall insertion mode again.

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  12. I agree, but I would like to add. Personally I see no reason to have a limit on how many Dash styles you have. I would like the styles to be more visible when picking them from the attributes palette and numbering them would help. I also feel that they should be the same from one drawing to the next, maybe there would be a separate file that could contain all the possible dash styles and each would have a name. We could then import which ones we needed rather than inventing them each and every time. I also feel that the dash style editor needs to be more like the wall type editor or a combination of both. This would help to be more precise in dash creation, because lord knows I can't make a decent dash style with the existing editor. Also all lines, boxes, polylines, etc. should start with a solid section at the beginning and end as well as the corners. This is a drafting convention. You learn that one in drafting 101. In short I think the whole dash style system need an overhaul.


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