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  1. @PatStanford The {@} custom format works great. Thanks for the tip. I forgot to mention once the database is created it is much quicker (in relation to file saves) to edit in Vectorworks as an XML format so I would save as XML format from the callout dialog and disregard the TXT format if you only intend to edit and delete callouts from Vectorworks.
  2. So I had a file of keynotes and everything in the file was previously separated by Tabs. Like so I created an excel by importing the file in as a tab delimited file to create this Then I added two columns in front of the text and copied the section header into column B like so. We need to add a UUID to column A so I used a UUID generator site like https://www.uuidgenerator.net/version4 but it does not include the brackets, so I placed it in another excel file in the second column and added brackets to the first and third columns like so Save that file as a tab delimited text file and delete all the tabs, then you can past it into column A of the other file like so. The rest of the steps are outlined in this video 2022-03-28 17-40-25.mp4
  3. This is interesting: When in a Sheet layer is the active layer the Staked Layer(Unified View) Option is False but when in a Design Layer is active it changes to True I wonder if sometimes it fails to switch. if vs.GetObjectVariableInt(vs.ActLayer(), 154) == 2: activetype = 'Sheet Layer ' else: activetype = 'Design Layer' if vs.GetPref(94) == 1: BOOL ='TRUE' else: BOOL ='FALSE' sl = ('Stack Layers (Unified View) = '+ BOOL) if vs.GetPref(95) == 1: BOOL1 ='TRUE' else: BOOL1 ='FALSE' sl2d = ('Stack Layers (Unified View) Create 2D Objects = '+BOOL1) if vs.GetPref(96) == 1: BOOL2 ='TRUE' else: BOOL2 ='FALSE' sli = ('Stack Layers (Unified View) Ignore Other Scales = '+BOOL2) if vs.GetPref(98) == 1: BOOL3 ='TRUE' else: BOOL3 ='FALSE' slrv = ('Stack Layers (Unified View) Restore Views = '+BOOL3) if vs.GetPref(99) == 1: BOOL4 ='TRUE' else: BOOL4 ='FALSE' slcv = ('Stack Layers (Unified View) Center View = '+BOOL4) vs.AlrtDialog('Active Layer type = '+activetype+(' '*47)+sl+(' '*49)+sl2d+(' '*22)+sli+(' '*20)+slrv+(' '*26)+slcv)
  4. I was wrong. It is documented but they call it "Stack Layers" instead of "Unified View" in the "Vectorworks 2022 Script Function Reference" Stack Layers 94 TRUE or FALSE Pref
  5. Yes it happens a lot especially with older drawings. And I had to write a script to locate the preference because it was undocumented. 😂
  6. The attached script creates a shortcut to turn unified view back on. Add it to your plugins folder and then add it to your workspace. the script simply sets pref 94 to true. SetPref(94,TRUE); {enable "Unified View"} Unified View On.vsm
  7. It can still be done in 2022 but it is a bit more complicated. I created the corrugation in the 3d hole component of a symbol.. You need to add a 2d loci to the symbol or it gets buggy. Once this is done I inserted the windows. This is where it gets tricky. The corrugation stops where the window starts. to fix this I added a solid in the shape of the window hole in the corrugated symbol. Then I cut the windows and pasted them in place. So what you see below is one symbol inserted in the wall. The windows are just placed in the holes created by the one symbol. Drawing attached. Windows in Corregated wall 2022.vwx
  8. I am curious. I see how the $include command can be used to run a vectorscript sub script but I have a python script that I would like to run as a subroutine in a vectorscript. Can this be done?
  9. Because I have to sometimes open backup files the length of the file name display in Recent files is not long enough and the file will appear like below. 12034_Owner Name_Project_Date..... this is problem when there are two in the list but one is backup and the other is not and it looks like this 12034_Owner Name_Project_Date..... 12034_Owner Name_Project_Date..... It would be very helpful if it looked like this so I know that I am not opening the most current version of the file. 12034_Owner Name_Project_Date.vwx 12034_Owner Name_Project_Date-Backup-20220223143437.vwx
  10. My current Record and Scripts. 1 Existing Object.vsm2 Demo Object.vsm3 New Object_Class.vsm4 NIC Object.vsm5 Remove Phase Record.vsm6 New Object.vsm7 Add Phase Record.vsm8-Phase 1.vsm9-Phase 2.vsmRelocate Existing.vsm Status Phase.vwx
  11. I figured it out. vs.SetPref(1505,True)#enable "Enable legacy 2D features" vs.SetPref(94,True)#enable "Unified View" vs.SetPref(1505,False)#diable "Disable legacy 2D features" Unified View On_2D Leg off.vsm
  12. Does anyone know the document preference index number for unified view. Some of my old drawings keep turning off unified view even after "Enable legacy 2D features" is disabled.. I would love to write a script to change the preference since the unified view button is unavailable when "Enable legacy 2D features" is disabled.
  13. I have been able to recreate this issue with files that contain references. Either the plan is referenced or the styles are referenced. Also causes havoc with the undo command.
  14. I would like Compound Hatches. For example I would like to create a PBU metal panel hatch for a roof or a wall but when I display that hatch at a small scale I would like it to read less dense. So if we could have compound hatches that is one hatch style that contains two different hatches and displays each based on the scale of the viewport. Below is how I would like a PBU hatch to display at different scales. Since most hatches are multi Leveled, maybe Level 1 displays at 1:20 scale and all the hatch Levels display at 1/4" scale.
  15. I love that the forum automatically added “2 years later..”!
  16. Probably not the issue but check your serial number to see what products are activated. Renderworks should be listed.
  17. I have had many issues with the undo command as well and I think it may have been related to MSI Afterburner and RivaTuner. I have uninstalled them and my undo issues appear to have gone away.
  18. I uninstalled MSI afterburner and RivaTuner and my undo issues have gone away for the time being.
  19. In every version of VW 2022 has the following wall component wrapping issue when inserting Doors or Windows in wall that have component wrapping enabled. If you use the Window or Door tool the components won't wrap but if you invoke the command by double clicking the style in the resource browser it will wrap the components. SP-1.1 has the following bug as well. WALL AND WINDOW BUG.vwx
  20. Perfect, Thanks. Here is a script to import two Text Styles into the current drawing that are stored in: {Workgroup folder or user folder}\Libraries\Defaults\Text Styles\Text Styles.vwx' """ Script to import two text styles into current drawing. Custom scripts can be added to: {Workgroup folder or user folder}\Libraries\Defaults\Text Styles\Text Styles.vwx Modify Style1 or Style2 to import your custom style This Python Script may be freely distributed. No warranty provided. Use at your own risk. David Hamer, 2021 revision 10/21/2021 """ Style1 = 'Callouts 10 pt' #change this to import different text style Style2 = 'Dimensions 10 pt' #change this to import different text style StyleFolder = 'Text Styles' #Name of resource folder to create in current drawing SourceSub = 'Defaults:Text Styles' #Sub path ResType =109 #Text Style type folderIndex =13 #Libraries if vs.GetName(Style1) != []: ResourceList, NumItems = vs.BuildResourceList(ResType, folderIndex, SourceSub) while NumItems != 0: ResourceName = vs.GetNameFromResourceList(ResourceList, NumItems) if ResourceName == Style1: vs.ImportResourceToCurrentFile(ResourceList,NumItems) if vs.GetObject(StyleFolder) == []: vs.NameObject(StyleFolder) vs.BeginFolderN(ResType) vs.EndFolder() vs.SetParent(vs.GetObject(Style1),vs.GetObject(StyleFolder)) NumItems -= 1 if vs.GetName(Style2) != []: ResourceList, NumItems = vs.BuildResourceList(ResType, folderIndex, SourceSub) while NumItems != 0: ResourceName = vs.GetNameFromResourceList(ResourceList, NumItems) if ResourceName == Style2: vs.ImportResourceToCurrentFile(ResourceList,NumItems) if vs.GetObject(StyleFolder) == []: vs.NameObject(StyleFolder) vs.BeginFolderN(ResType) vs.EndFolder() vs.SetParent(vs.GetObject(Style2),vs.GetObject(StyleFolder)) NumItems -= 1
  21. Ok, Follow up question. Does anyone know how to set the Document Text Style preference for future text objects to be a particular text style via script? and How to move text styles into a Text Style folder via script?
  22. I have looked through the SDK and maybe I am missing it but I can't find the Object Type ID integer for "Text Styles". Anyone know what it is?
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