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  1. Hey @jravs,


    I'm a Entertainment Project Manager in Arizona.   I currently serve as a Technical Director for a large scale university.   Previously I've worked for AV companies, event decor companies and other large scale theatrical venues both in Vectorworks and AutoCAD.   What you describe is just another day for me.   Feel free to shoot me an email at allenshapiro@gmail.com.  I'd be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.




    Allen Shapiro

  2. @C. Andrew Dunning great points and inherently I can see this is why it is the way it is.  But as a user; I care about the program being efficient and easy so the drawings I create can get to my client quickly and cleanly.  Consistency in the programs design is key and as a user, I can see which developer worked on which tool.....it should not be that way.   The functionality of each tool, for the most part, is great; I just want the user interface to be more logical in its design.  

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  3. I have a file of my venue that I've been working with.   When doing a 3D flyover of the drawing, everything on one layer, whether 2D or 3D, will rotate around just like the 3D objects.   However, everything on other layers, only the 3D objects will rotate around.   The 2D objects will stay or if they're on a non-active layer, they will just disappear.   How do I make it so those 2D objects will rotate around as well.

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