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  1. Thanks Tom, that's helpful. Bit of a phaff as I was hoping vwks could take the maths out of my hands 😉 Nonetheless I can do that so it's a quickish fix. Any thought on why send to surface works on some bits of wall but not others? I wondered if I'd done something wrong...
  2. Hi I'm new to modelling but I'm working with a sloping garden and need to get it right. I have done the house walls and various other boundary walls but when I do send to surface it only sends part of the wall. I created the walls as one so why has it split them and sent some bits and not others? Please help I'm ready to throw the PC out of the window!!
  3. I had this issue. Put in a new heliodon in Class None and problem solved. Magic - cheers guys1
  4. Thanks @Tom W. @jeff prince guys really helpful!
  5. Hi @jeff prince that's helpful. I just added all the stakes that the surveyor had given me. This might sound an odd question but do i basically create the site model then 'read' the detail of what's where from underneath in the 2D view and put in beds, trees, paths etc? Will they automatically be added at the right level or do I have to do something else? Thanks!
  6. Hi! I am adept at importing the dwg file from my land surveyor and do this all the time.. I can then import the xyz text file and make a model (not brilliantly admittedly) but I cannot get the two to work together. What am I missing? You can see from the screenshot it looks like i have two files which aren't interacting with each other. And the house doesn't seem to have walls just rooves!! I'm using vwks 2020 and any help or videos to watch gratefully appreciated 🙂
  7. Thank you! One day it asked me if I wanted to update my graphics card and now the issue seems to have gone away. Nothing like putting things off 'til they right themselves!!
  8. Hi I have the same issue and when using Vectorworks 2019 I never had a problem. Do I really need to buy a dedicated graphics card? How will it change my experience and drawings?
  9. Thanks guys really helpful, knew there must be a way!
  10. Hi I've got my plan drawn in vwks but I'd like to have only a small section really crystal with the rest blurred. Does anyone know fi this is possible? Thanks!
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